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by Vivian
3 months ago
Forum: Live TV
Topic: Michelle is BACK
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Re: Michelle is BACK

I just cant watch this. Im very sorry.
Just Too Abrasive.
by Vivian
1 year ago
Forum: New Product Ideas
Topic: Colored diamonds.
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Colored diamonds.

I purchased the TLV for Saturday, is there ANY way SLC could NOT paint or color or enamel the background of the metal the Same color as the diamonds. I understand that Maybe you’re trying to make the tiny stones appear bigger, but to me it just cheapens the look of the jewelry. I am Not able to affo...
by Vivian
2 years ago
Forum: Live TV
Topic: 3am EST hosts
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3am EST hosts

Why on earth does Marva need this ‘co-host’???? I’m sorry but she’s overbearing and obnoxious. I liked to watch Marva (and idk her name but I thought it was Shannon) but this Attica is on with Marva and just ruined the show. She’s too much. Please let Marva host show alone or bring back Shannon. I h...
by Vivian
2 years ago
Forum: Live TV
Topic: ADI!!!!!
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Re: ADI!!!!!

I absolutely love Adi. I understand we all have different ways of responding and reacting, etc. but Adi is so genuine (I cannot say that about another host, but I’m Sure others adore her. I feel she speaks so... slowly....and ....u n e c e s s a r i l y for the Most part. So I just turn the channel....