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by Sea_Hag
2 months ago
Forum: Jewelry
Topic: Disclosing gems treatments
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Re: Disclosing gems treatments

Yes, they definitely need to be more up front about gemstone treatments and let us, as the consumers, decide if it's worth purchasing. I recently purchase a "Vegas closeout ruby" ring which gives no detail on how the ruby was treated. Under a loupe, they're awful, but because the diamonds look decen...
by Sea_Hag
3 months ago
Forum: $1 Online Auctions
Topic: Be an informed bidder
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Re: Be an informed bidder

Yes, being informed is key to success on the $1 auctions. I've also seen prices on certain items go sky high as someone else mentioned so it definitely takes information and time/patience to be successful on the auction page. I like that option and have gotten some outrageous deals on genuine gemsto...
by Sea_Hag
3 months ago
Forum: Jewelry
Topic: Yogo Sapphire and other sapphires
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Re: Yogo Sapphire

I would LOVE to see Yogo sapphires at Shop LC - and I'd like to see them in yellow gold as well as white gold. Good sapphires are hard to find.