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by Consumer1
2 weeks ago
Forum: $1 Online Auctions
Topic: overbidding
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Re: overbidding

Some people are either billionaires or are not purchasing the items they bid upon. Every week they bid 100's of thousands of dollars on merchandise that they don't buy and that's worth only a fraction of the amount that they bid. WHY???? They just mess up the auction for the rest of us. Merilee, tha...
by Consumer1
3 weeks ago
Forum: $1 Online Auctions
Topic: Be an informed bidder
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Re: Be an informed bidder

Why do some people bid way more than the item is worth? On most items it is possible to check the Shop LC price either for the item itself or one similar. The resellers bid prices so high that nobody else stands a chance. I think they just want to "win" the auction. What's more, if they are actually...