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by Kath
9 months ago
Forum: Customer Service
Topic: Rising Auction changes
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Re: Rising Auction changes

Do not like auto pay. There are times when one who has arthritis or poor vision may on a RARE occasion push the wrong button. I have shopped for years. And have spent a lot of money. I appreciated the free shipping on purchase of $50.00 or more. There has to be a way to track those who bid outrageou...
by Kath
9 months ago
Forum: $1 Online Auctions
Topic: Continuously Losing Bids
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Re: Continuously Losing Bids

Has anyone else noticed after placing a bid say on a ruby ring (including having placed a max bid) to go back in only an hour or so and see it is back at zero bids or maybe just a couple dollars under someone named Donna? This has happened to me often in the past year which makes me not want to even...