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by popshop
4 years ago
Forum: Fashion
Topic: Is shipping still free on a Smart Tv?
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Smart Tv free shipping

I have a smart tv and i cant take advantage of free shipping because i dont know how to use the app. lol. believe me, i tried adding it in google play or shop app or whatever, on the smart tv. took hours to no avail. and i am clueless as to how to add it to my smart tv and how to order from the app ...
by popshop
4 years ago
Forum: Education
Topic: $50 Purchase Free Shipping YAY!
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$50 Purchase Free Shipping YAY!

Sometimes its free shipping if ordering more than $50 online. Keep in mind that some sale items may have a lower price listed in red, that sais 'this will be auto reduced at checkout'. Then at check out, look and see at the Very Bottom, near taxes, (Before you Submit your Order) what the Total Disco...