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by Hedonist
10 months ago
Forum: Jewelry
Topic: Graded Gemstones and Diamonds
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Graded Gemstones and Diamonds

First, I am tired of listening to a majority of the hosts for the incessant laughing at nothing, loud talk and laughter, head/body bobbing, hands flying, aggrandizing statements on knowledge and/or expertise, etc. I see other hosts on other shopping channels who do not resort to this type of madness...
by Hedonist
1 year ago
Forum: New Product Ideas
Topic: Smart Phone Holders
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Smart Phone Holders

Would it be possible for ShopLC to obtain and offer smart phone holders that protect the phone owner from the effects of EMF when it is being carried? The item is similar to the cases used for eye glasses. The phone is placed in the holder which has been lined with material that protects the phone o...
by Hedonist
1 year ago
Forum: Customer Service
Topic: Swarovski Crystals
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Swarovski Crystals

The hosts continue to mention SLC will no longer be selling Swarovski Crystals after June 2021. A few hosts have stated the crystals will be removed from the jewelry and returned to Swarovski as per contract with Swarovski. Has SLC considered the possibility of creating crystal packets (25, 50 or 75...