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10 months ago
Forum: Shop LC Apps
Topic: $1.99 Shipping on Autopay
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Re: $1.99 Shipping on Autopay

I too was thinking that they are losing money with free shipping. I do not mind paying for shipping if they bundle it all together, ship it out once a week, and give us just one low shipping cost. Paying 1.99 for each item is just too much when you buy really cheap items. The shipping costs more tha...
10 months ago
Forum: General Conversation
Topic: Auto-pay free shipping is gone
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Auto-pay free shipping is gone

I had signed up for auto-pay because it had a free shipping benefit. This allows ShopLC to charge my card, for auctions that I have won, without me having to go into the system to pay, and the benefit was that I would get free shipping. Sounded like a great deal. I just noticed today that they had b...