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by CJM
1 year ago
Forum: General Conversation
Topic: Shop LC former hosts
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Re: Shop LC former hosts

What happened to Dan Dennis? I miss him so much. He was my favorite host.
by CJM
1 year ago
Forum: Clearance
Topic: Items not labeled clearance
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Items not labeled clearance

I purchased a jade bangle for $108. With 5 budget pay. It was not labeled clearance on the product page. 2 days later/now it is $89 in red “on sale “. My order history didn’t show my purchase as clearance; my confirmation email did not show it as clearance. I got it in the mail; my Invoice shows it ...
by CJM
1 year ago
Forum: Jewelry
Topic: Which gems would you like to see in the next show?
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Re: Which gems would you like to see in the next show?

I can’t think of any gemstones I want to see so much as New designs. I’m getting bored with the designs offered. I thought that Shoplc live from India would show some new exciting pieces to come to future shows. Every time I watched it was the same item being shown as the day before! New ideas pleas...
by CJM
1 year ago
Forum: Customer Service
Topic: Promo Code Issues and Problems Thread
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Re: Promo Code

If you’re talking about customer appreciation day promo cards you get, I’ve shredded probably $70-$80 worth. The codes rarely work. It’s a hook to get you to shop The idea of promo codes is for convenience to the customer. If I have to CALL customer service for help, what is the point?! I don’t have...