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by Sam
1 year ago
Forum: Today's Leading Value
Topic: Why did they change the TLV?
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Re: Why did they change the TLV?

I am SO Shungited out!!!!!! Sick of even hearing the word. They've convinced all these people you can wear a few rocks, sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya, and your pain will magically disappear. Think people! If this was really true, we wouldn't need doctors anymore. You would just walk into a hospit...
by Sam
1 year ago
Forum: Live TV
Topic: Smackdown
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Re: Smackdown

I agree. HATE the 'smackdown' shows, even the name. You would think you would have more variety on a Saturday show, bigger audience. But, having the same type of item, hour after hour, is not only boring, it's dumb. If it was, let's say, a set of pots and pans, instead of jewelry, would you buy more...