I almost overpaid in CLEARANCE!!! nooooo

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I almost overpaid in CLEARANCE!!! nooooo

Post by geminigirl » 1 year ago

I ordered an item that was shown on TV "clearance" because I missed it before and I thought that I could use it and when I saw it before I thought it was higher. After I ordered it on the phone, I looked online and it was (of course) the every day price and I could order it with the current discount code for less. I called right back and cancelled that order. I didn't place a new order because I am tired of the pretending to have a "clearance" crap. This week is return my purchases week = three or four shoplc among them. ugh
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I almost got 110 items FREe in clearance

Post by Annoyed » 1 year ago

Just yesterday I removed some items I had saved in my wishlist I moved the first one to my cart to purchase and it said free..then I moved the second item to the cart..free again I kept moving one by one and they were all free I couldnt believe it. So I wanted to see what would happen if I go outside my wishlist and into clearance and started adding items under $10. I got up to 110 items all free all i had to pay was about $6 for taxes and free shipping was included. A few items I added $2 per item so when I went to change them to just $1 per item I clicked update and ta dah the free disappeared and the actual prices for all 110 items made their appearance..smdh lmao :lol: :shock: . Unbelievable
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