Motive for faux clearance

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Re: Motive for faux clearance

Post by Vicky » 1 year ago

Obvious they have a motive for killing their own sales. I still think its so they get a tax break for millions if they FAIL to sell the inventory. It is the end of 2019 when they have to turn in to the States the sales tax they received from the buyers. So now is the time for game playing to keep those taxes.
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Re: Motive for faux clearance

Post by Angelflutter » 1 year ago

Gemsnob wrote:
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Ginger wrote:
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I’m confused about him, he’s not a host, so why is he there? Most of the items presented aren’t his creations, I’ve never understood it myself. Also they are reading the forums and our complaints about how the price keeps changing because Karen mentioned it earlier. Saying that they aren’t like other networks since they’re an auction and how the price changes and we need to get it while we see it for that price. Also I heard them mention more than once about having an outlet at ShopLC where the hosts can go shop. Has anyone else heard some say this? So I am wondering why an outlet when they claim they have to pay the same price as we do? And months ago when they were selling sheets, Nikki made the comment about how she was taking a set home with her after she got off. Sure enough the next night when she was on air, she said she slept like a baby and the sheets were so soft. I thought they had to wait for delivery like we do but I have heard little comments from others too.
Yes, employees pay and pick up from the warebouse. That is why I said its a problem because at Christmas, a ton of people didnt get their orders because they didnt have enough inventory. Employees shouldnt be getting anything until customers orders are invoiced, filled and ready to ship. The way SLC does things its apparent they dont give a rats * about business, making money or keeping customers happy.
As for Karen, stop the bs. Its not even a falling auction. You just call it that and its not a " clearance" you just call it that. If I could roll my eyes a hundred times I would. So many excuses. :roll:
Oh Gemsnob, Please don't roll your eyes a hundred times..... It would make you awfully dizzy !!
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