Psssttt.....hey!!!!!!! Quick !!!!!

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Re: Psssttt.....hey!!!!!!! Quick !!!!!

Post by RS » 1 year ago

Angelflutter wrote:
1 year ago
I wasn't able to use code / coupon. But I looked and the ring was STILL $14.99. With shipping and tax it came to only $19.00 and change. Yup, got me one. Thanks for the heads up. I saw these the other night when Michelle aired them. Surprised they didn't go back up in price. :D .Angelflutter
They are $24.99 now. No coupon but that was to be expected. I ordered the Russian diopside and the emerald. Like I said up there somewhere, I have this setting with three larger cushion cut Grandidierite. I love the ring itself.

Hope yours is great❣️❣️❣️
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