More jewelry please

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More jewelry please

Post by Kittycat » 3 months ago

The other channels are selling jewelry, the H channel and the J channel that sells only jewelry still has jewelry on daily,but I can't figure out why Shop LC is showing only jewelry 50% of the time. They supposedly have millions of dollars in inventory and are the largest buyer of gemstones are selling less and less jewelry. I know the factories are closed but what happened to all their inventory? Are they saving it? Why? This morning they spent 1\2 hr on men's PJ bottoms. Crazy! This morning they had No jewelry on for 2 hrs. I am back to work after 4 mos. and ready to treat myself. I hope by my birthday, which is at the end off the month I am able to buy myself some jewelry, but NOT SHUNGITE or TANZANITE.
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Re: More jewelry please

Post by Kat » 3 months ago

Best bet is on their website. I barely even watch the TV anymore. Happy early birthday!!!! 😊🎂🥂😊💗
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