TLV blankets...

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TLV blankets...

Post by Amy » 2 months ago

Did anyone purchase a blanket last night at the first presentation? Blake took the price to $19.99 and I thought he reduced the shipping also. I checked my order history & the shipping was still $4.99. I called customer service & they told me the computer will not allow them to change anything. I swear he reduced the S/H but it was late & maybe I just got mixed up. Can anyone look at their order history & see what your shipping is? Thanks!
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Re: TLV blankets...

Post by RoxiJade » 2 months ago

No, but I did buy 3 of them @ 19.99 from the website, which qualified for 3 shipping when I checked out. But you may not need 3 of them.
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Re: TLV blankets...

Post by Harlequin » 2 months ago

Hi Amy. You may have already seen it shipping and handling on the TL the blankets is $2.99 finally saw a presentation at 5:36 PM central time. Have a good evening everyone. 🙂
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Re: TLV blankets...

Post by Cella » 2 months ago

Amy, I was up watching TLV presentation and it was $2.99 for s/h. They were discussing on air that it was a low s/h. Then when I watched it the next morning they changed s/h to $4.99. Regardless if it was a mistake or not, once it's posted on air in 70,000homes they should have left it at lower price. This is really bad business decision!!!!!!! I'm really not happy with some of the things happening.
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