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Re: Jardin Collection

Post by RS » 9 months ago

@anniebelle WOW....nothing but ordering issues for you😡

I ordered one that they were supposed to show but never did. I had it in my cart for the afternoon. It got removed once but I put it back. While in my cart it raised in price. Then went back to original price...then LOWERED. That one is 3724195

Then I wanted one with the carved flowers and there were many. I loved one but didn’t get to my iPad in time and it sold out. Though I see now there are a few back in stock.

The floral one I got is 3734145.

Both have already shipped. I think all of those pieces in that collection were really quite pretty and different than the same ole same ole.
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Re: Jardin Collection

Post by anniebelle » 9 months ago

Of the two you chose , I like the carved flowers. the one i chose is the elongated with pearls too. the earrings I wanted are back in stock, the WHITE carved flower studs. They had sold out, i was reluctant to buy the pink, the yellow was definitely out.

Yes, I do seem to have problems with my shopping cart. And each time, strange things happen. Items disappear or it will add to an item so its ordering 2 or 3 of the same thing. Makes my total bill scary!!

Milo was tired of listening to Chuck. He turned off the TV!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Jardin Collection

Post by Moderator_Rashad » 9 months ago

Jana wrote:
9 months ago
Attn--new Jardin Collection designer,
PLEASE do not disrespect your very lovely new collection by having the hosts mispronounce the name! It is NOT pronounced "HAR-deen". It is pronounced "ZHAR-dahn". YouTube has a lot of videos that can help, I do understand that French is a very difficult language for Americans to pronounce. Merci beaucoup! (Thank you).


I apologize I have gone ahead and reported this issue to both our Host team so they can look into this.
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