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Re: Overkill

Post by Motsey » 5 months ago

I agree they go on and on. I doubt that they give much to the usa since this company is from India and a good majority employees are from there.
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Re: Overkill

Post by Geologistsmom » 5 months ago

Vicky, we think so much alike! I totally agree with you, from one Vicky to another😀
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Re: Overkill

Post by Vicky » 5 months ago

As per ONE FOR ONE, shoplc owners give 10 cents per item sold, and its limited. That means if I buy 100 items, they donate $10 in total, plus they get to deduct it on their taxes. I doubt that 10 cents buys a hot meal. I am not putting down their charitable contributions, only when HUNGRY KIDS are used so viewers feel guilty and buy shoplc items.
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