Habit forming Shoplc?

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Habit forming Shoplc?

Post by Ginapainting » 1 month ago

You better believe it! But when I think of the one for one project and the sweet, beautiful children I just smile! You all are doing a wonderful service for the children (God Bless You) ! :?
footnote : I 💘 the goodies you all have to offer us. My husband now programs Lifestyles Connections each and every show no matter what time, day or 🌙. He has a certain sound he makes when he likes a item and wants me to buy it. Then he acts surprised when it arrives in the mail :idea:
Thanks again Shoplc,
love ya,
Gina Tyler
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Re: Habit forming Shoplc?

Post by Margui » 1 month ago

That nice that your husband works of the life connection.
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