Items I received today.

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Re: Items I received today.

Post by Moderator_Danielle » 9 months ago

Gem Lover wrote:
9 months ago
I ordered a few items which all came in today. One item was from HSN from their Jade of yesteryear collection, it is all natural NOT DYED green jade ring and I love it, the green is like a celery green color but it is the real deal, the lady who brings that collection is a Chinese lady and she said it is not dyed expect the other colors pink, purple ect.. are dyed. To bad shop lc does not bring us natural undyed green jade. Second I got 3 items from JTV, one being a 3ct, white zircon bracelet and a 3 ct, white zircon ring and they are both beautiful with great quality white zircons for a great price and third a gorgeous 8ct Iolite ring item # POH131, it is breathtaking, the stones are clear and sparkle with the perfect ink blue (looks like AAAA Tanzanite) and they are now putting a card in every jewelry box now that says proudly inspected by and the persons name. Now comes my shop lc items, I got a Morganite ring which Is ok but I am not wowed, the setting is light and feels cheap it is not what I expected, a dragonfly silver ring which is nice and and has good weight to it, an opal and diamond ring which is ok but not great but expensive for what it is and a silver necklace that is nice for the price. The verdict is the items I got from other networks were nicer then the items I got from here and less expensive with the sales they are having.

Hello, thank you for your feedback. Happy to help with any products you are unhappy with.
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