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Hey @Ginger I'm still here lol. Just waiting until everything is completely finished on the refunds before I post again, want to be sure they received everything back, etc. If all is as it seems, then everything should be fine. I hold no ill will for this company, but I have decided not to do business with them because they have no customer service department, and I would never want to be in this position again if I had another problem and required assistance. And it is a shame, because there are SOME changes they made that I would have liked, like some of their pieces set in gold they are beginning to offer. But if they can't take care of their customers, would be a horrible thing to spend that kind of money, then have some problem arise where you needed to rely on customer service. They just don't have any. Hope you are doing well, Ginger. Stay warm! -Rolltide
I don't blame you. The more that happens, the more I read on here, I just think this place is heading down a road I don't want to be involved in. What if I make a large purchase then they go under? No way to refund the money or anything. I can see it happening or something similar.

When long-standing customers are now WARY about making a purchase?!?

Something is obviously wrong with the company.
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Re: Shoplc: no longer original

Post by Motsey » 1 year ago

I hate the 24 hour life style on Thursday and now on Friday they are still showing items other than jewelry. And also Saturday smack downs with Tanzanite.
They must have tons of it. I don't know why they have to 24 hours of anything.
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