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Angelflutter wrote:
9 months ago
Dear Lord...... these are difficult times. We are being overtaken by a wicked virus. There are no answers. As of now, medical science has no cures. I pray first for all that are sick.... then I pray for those on the front line. Please let the doctors, scientist bring forward a cure. I pray that everyone takes precautions wearing masks and gloves. Protect those that are still out there working for our benefit and placing themselves in harms way. I ask special blessings for my friends and family, and for my family here on the forum. Many of my forum family are going through difficult times. They are going through deaths in the family, illness in the family, and they themselves are suffering. Lord, I pray that you wrap your loving arms around us all. Let us shine in your light and love. Give us all strength to face what we know will be coming with this virus. Amen
You are such a prayer warrior Angelflutter 😇💖😇! Thank you for a whopper
of a prayer. Feel better RS and take it very slow.
5 x