Budget Pay Taking Earlier

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Re: Budget pay and taxes

Post by Moderator_Stephanie » 1 year ago

Kittycat wrote:
1 year ago
I noticed my budget pays are taken out a couple days earlier than they are due. Also I am being charged too much tax, maybe tax is being charged on the shipping? This never happened until recently. The shipping is much lower then other shopping channels though, but tax on shipping was not charged on those other channels nor was the payments taken out early. I only Shop with LC now because prices are still the best. It would be nice if they had their own credit card though.
BudgetPay installments are collected every 30 days. If your payment is due on November 1st, but we are unable to collect on that day, the date will shift to November 4th for use to make our second attempt. As has been explained previously and has been confirmed by our BudgetPay team, payments are NOT collected early unless the customer themselves process a payment early either on the web or by calling in to customer service.

S&H is taxable as shipping and handling is collected together as a single fee.
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Re: Budget Pay Taking Earlier

Post by LisaC2019 » 1 year ago

SueB wrote:
1 year ago
How’s about you take budget pays on the day they are due instead of 3, 4 days EARLY!? Is there a reason for that??????
I decided to take another look at my budget pay schedule and saw that I purchased on the 26th of a month and every month after that the due date changed to the 25, then the 24th. Something is amiss and I have learned a good lesson. I have the money to pay for all of the budget payments but I expect them to be processed and drafted on the original date agreed upon. I sent a question to my state consumer affairs in reference to budget payment agreements and hopefully they will get back with me. I will share the answer when received.
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Re: Budget Pay Taking Earlier

Post by Ginger » 1 year ago

I’ve experienced budget payments coming out earlier than they are supposed to and not just once. I’ve returned one item a week ago because it was used and 2 sizes too small. They received my refund on the 18th and still hasn’t processed my refund-Customer service was very very rude and told me they would have to make sure I didn’t damage the item!! They sent out a used ring and the wrong size. A budget pay is coming due on the 5th for this and I told her I wasn’t paying it because they have the item back. She informed me she didn’t know if they could get to my refund by then and the budget pay would still come out. I said that’s not right so she extended my budget pay until January. But I don’t like their practices of taking money out early, I have seen it pending on my account 3-4 days before it’s due and that’s not right at all. Nor do I think it takes a week to process my return and credit my credit card back. This was a diamond ring I returned because the tag was torn off and packed in a baggy with pink writing on it and 2 sizes too small. I’m furious that they are saying my refund might not be credited by the next budget pay. They really need to stop these practices and I’ve read them saying they don’t do early budget pay withdrawal but I know what I have seen on my bank or credit card statements. I expect my credit card credited back the $49.10 because you have the horrible diamond ring back now for a week and still I’m waiting :oops:
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Re: Budget Pay Taking Earlier

Post by RS » 1 year ago

They can’t take those payments out early, it’s illegal. They continue to deny it because they know it is. All you have to do is take a screenshot of the page that says the day it’s supposed to come out and a copy/screenshot of your statement on the day it actually does. If it’s early then at the very least you can speak with your financial institution about blocking early payments.

You can also contact the FTC if the payments are being taken early.
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