Friday (7/3) Coffee ☕☕☕

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Friday (7/3) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by Gypsy » 1 month ago

Happy Dance Friday 😊

3:31 am cst

finally Friday !! That means I get to go OUT !!

Going to take trash OUT .....
be right back

Todays Goal Is....


Did you know....
That around the world, happiness increases by 11% on Fridays 😊

And that laughing stimulates the brain, promotes social bonding, increases creativity, prevents boredom, fatigue and reduces stress ! 😂🤣😂🤣

Do you need any other reasons to have a Good Time today to have fun and Laugh ? As our Tenner would say ...
GO ! !

After reading the
the sentence. You are now aware that the
the human brain often does not inform you that the
the word "the" has been repeated twice every time 😉

I'm still window shopping and putting things in my WishList......waiting for that perfect price point 🤞 and coupon 🤞

No matter what your plans are for this 4th of July weekend...You may be staying home and inside or you might get to enjoy fireworks and social distancing celebrations. HAVE FUN !!!!! BE SAFE & find your HAPPY DANCE !!!!!!
💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃

💞💞💞 (((HUGS)))-Gypsy
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Re: Friday (7/3) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by CJM » 1 month ago

Good morning Gypsy! You’re right I didn’t see 2 the’s until you pointed it out! I reread it yup there it was!🙄. Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th! My favorite holiday!
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Re: Friday (7/3) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by Jace » 1 month ago

Special for me, too.
Hubby &I had our 1st date...watching the spectacular fireworks💥
On The National Mall
Close by the Washington Monument in his convertible
Those were the days!!! ;)
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Re: Friday (7/3) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by Margui » 1 month ago

Great Friday Coffee Post, Gypsy. I’m spending the 4th of July Independence Day with my hubby’s family, after not seeing them for a long time. Happy 4th of July for everyone!
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