Saturday (July 4th) ☕☕☕

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Saturday (July 4th) ☕☕☕

Post by Gypsy » 1 month ago

Happy July 4th !


3:15am cst

One Flag
One Land
One Heart
One Hand
One Nation Evermore

........Oliver Wendell Holmes

Coffees ready !!

Good morning Everyone.....Received another "Stay at home" order on my phone ☹ so I guess I'll be staying home. After some difficulties logging on was finally able to do a little shopping, took advantage of the 35% off on website.😊💃 since the ring was the last one in my size I didnt wait to see if SLC would offer free shipping and placed my order 😊. I'm sure most of you have plans with your family today. Have a wonderful day ! Reflect on our freedoms , while you socially distance 😷 🎆 😷 🎆 😷

And here is something to really ponder....
A group of Geography students were asked to list the Seven Wonders of the World.......

1)Egypt's great Pyramids
2)The Taj Mahal
3)The Grand Canyon
4)The Panama Canal
5)The Empire State Building
6)St. Peters Basilica
7)Chinas Great Wall

Then a Child was asked......

1)To Touch
2)To Taste
3)To See
4)To Hear
5)To Run
6)To Laugh
7)and To Love

Dance for No Reason !!!💃 💃 💃 💃 Enjoy the day(butt wiggles here 🤫 its quiet time💃)

7 x

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Re: Saturday (July 4th) ☕☕☕

Post by Margui » 1 month ago

Happy 4th of July, Gypsy! 🇺🇸 Great Saturday Coffee Post. And to everyone in the forum.
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Re: Saturday (July 4th) ☕☕☕

Post by Kat » 1 month ago

Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th. 😊💗
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