what is wrong with the site

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what is wrong with the site

Post by JustaShopper » 2 months ago

On Friday July 3rd SLC went down.
I couldn't get in , if I did it booted me out. I was on the home phone and on cell phone , one wore out the battery and when I got a hold of a personal shopper, he didn't even let me finish my sentence and he put me to infinite hold AGAIN for online and RA support. The last time I was in my checkout I got booted out and tried to get in all I got was 502 bad gateway or 504 Gateway Time Out. This is the first time back on and things are still bugging out. What the heck,, please answer what is going on with SLC ?

Blessings to all and be safe
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Re: what is wrong with the site

Post by shopLC_alex » 2 months ago

Good morning,

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Our Web Team is currently aware of the issues and are working diligently to resolve them. Please stand by while we get everything back up and running. Thank you for you patience and thank you for being part of our family at Shop LC.
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Re: what is wrong with the site

Post by Amy » 2 months ago

I ordered quite a few items on Friday but they are not showing under my order history. Since I did get confirmation/tracking numbers, I am assuming my orders went through ok. I also got those messages about bad gateway, etc. Just to let Everyone know I’m having problems also. Hope it gets fixed soon & I didn’t lose those orders.
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