Tuesday (7/14) Coffee ☕☕☕

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Tuesday (7/14) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by Gypsy » 1 month ago

Happy Tuesday Everyone !!

3:00 am cst

Don't flinch....you know what needs to be done.

You've GOT to clean and organize your closets !!!! And the kitchen "junk and gadget" drawer !! It's got to be done.😂


Relax....there's time for a cup before you get started ☕🍩☕ sit down have a coffee and sweet treat while you read some trivial wisdom I came across for you :

1) Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad

2) Life is short.😁 Smile while you still have teeth !

3) Just when a Caterpillar thinks the world is over, it becomes a beautiful butterfly 🦋

4) If you want something you've never had, then usually you're going to have to do something you've never done

5) The older I get, the more I realize no one really has any idea what they are doing, they are all just pretending. And we keep falling for it ! 😳

After the full house of kittens and Cats I had yesterday, there were no visitors for breakfast this morning. Guess it was time to make the rounds so the other houses don't forget to put thier bowls of food out too 😻😻

I've got busy chores to do today, so gonna have to don my gloves and mask,.then join the other masked bandits that need to be out today....my HAPPY DANCE will take place soon as the laundry is done 😊🤗😊
Hope you're finding the deals your looking for. And winning lots of auctions !!!!

💞💞 (((HUGS))) -Gypsy
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Re: Tuesday (7/14) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by Harlequin » 1 month ago

Gypsy: Loved your trivial wisdom comments today. 😊
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Re: Tuesday (7/14) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by anniebelle » 1 month ago

I have to finish doing my income tax returns today! I owe a large amount, so I file as late as possible!!! I took advantage of the 3 month extension we were granted, then promptly forgot all about it! So I'm almost finished, just thought I'd check in here while I'm soaking up my morning coffee. Have a great day everyone!!!
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Re: Tuesday (7/14) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by Jace » 1 month ago

Along with all that wisdom,Gypsy..
No matter where we are in this world
We laugh and dream
Under the same moon!
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Re: Tuesday (7/14) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by Margui » 1 month ago

Great Tuesday Coffee post, Gypsy. My hubby and I took advantage of this quarantine to do projects like arranging the closet, I used the hangers that I bought from Shop LC to put the clothes, neatly and painting around the house which was done during April and May. Recently my husband donated music equipment, and clothes to Goodwill. They were not in use anymore. If you don’t need or used it: Donate or sell.
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Re: Tuesday (7/14) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by JewelryQueen » 1 month ago

State of Washington Covid19 Update 7/14/2020

Confirmed Cases = 42,304... Deaths = 1,404

5 more are gone. And each one matters.
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