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Re: Coupons!

Post by Sea_Hag » 5 months ago

Yes! I've been missing having the coupons. This was the thing (for me) that made Shop LC stand out from other jewelry shopping sites. The coupons were a huge incentive to shop here over other places. Please bring them back - even if it's not as often, but it would be nice to see them again, soon. In the meantime, I'm using the auction site to save some $$$, but that's hit or miss. I'd like to start being able to shop new items knowing there's a coupon to be applied. :)
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Re: Coupons!

Post by AncileeKaye » 4 months ago

To the dramarama's who replied to my comment on complaining about not enough coupons and the prices are just unbelievable @ ShopLC.
I'm mean? That's ludicrous.
I need to drink more water? Hilarious bc I drink a lot

Lots of jabs, and MEAN over the top reactions. Unjustifiable to what I said. It wasn't that bad.
Super sensitive people should learn to not over react and deflect constantly by bullying with sarcastic replies. Some of you, on and on you go about being American.
You are totally deflecting from the whole point.
Just like Twitterites🤣 Seriously grow up and stop deflecting, bullying and overreacting. Go shop somewhere else if you aren't pleased w/ prices and coupons. Don't you shop.the 30-35% off online?
You have no idea what you're talking about with prices to high!!
Many untreated natural gems aren't that inexpensive elsewhere....period!!! I'm a GLOBAL shopper. I'm also from the USA. The majority of the jewelry here @ ShopLC is very affordable and the choices are vast. What's to complain about unless it's poor workmanship?? Complaining about not enough coupons here is's just outrageous.
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