When did your love of jewerly begin?

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Re: When did your love of jewerly begin?

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I had forgot about the dentist toys. Didn’t forget no shot for a small cavity 😭. Dentist said it’s small won’t hurt B. S. She had a twin never new which one to yell at. And the toy machines, and jewelry boxes, can’t remember who jogged my memory, but T. Y. THE GOOD DAYS 🤗
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Re: When did your love of jewerly begin?

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Kiddles! My sis and I LOVED them! We had the regular sized ones inside a plastic clear, bubble-like brooch where the little Kiddle doll went. Then there was plastic carvings with plastic gems around it so it would look like a brooch.

They also came inside Rings and Bracelets! Those were the little ones. We loved those so much!

Remember how Lucky Locket Kiddles had what was called a "locket" with a back piece that slid over and inside your blouse neckline, etc. You also had the option of pulling a plastic piece down from behind which acted as a "stand" so you could "display" your Kiddle Collection. These also came with chains so you could simply wear them as a necklace instead of a pin.

Then they had a Soda Pop Collection of Kiddles. Each had a name representing a flavor, with matching colors in their outfits. The Kiddles were inside the plastic bottles which were shaped like soda pop bottles.

They also had Perfume Kiddles. They stood inside a plastic "bottle" and had different "scents." Their hair really DID smell like the scents: Gardenia, Violet, Rose, Orange Blossom, Sweet Pea, etc. Their hair was close to the "color" of the flowers. And the bottles opened in half.

There are websites solely for Kiddle Collectors. It is FASCINATING to look at the websites! Just type Kiddles or Kiddle Dolls etc into your browser and there are even photos!

We used to love Kiddles! The fact that you could actually wear a tiny doll inside a "ring", brooch, necklace or bracelet was so wonderful!

We loved to play with our grandmother's jewelry and were fascinated by our neighbor when we were toddlers and kids. She sold Avon and had a table off of her kitchen area that was round and curved into part of her den, against the wall. It had an odd shape to it which we loved because it was like the furniture on The Jetsons! 😂

She'd pack her orders together there and on a cupboard around the corner in her den. There was sample lipsticks she'd let us have, the small perfume samples, and we loved to look at the jewelry!

She'd wear it to "sell it", too. It was the norm to see her with two entirely different earrings on each ear! Also tons of necklaces and rings and pins.

I had a big thick book given to me as a gift from a friend that had every Kiddle in it listed, with all the information and photos. A co-worker/friend of my sis, asked to borrow it. After awhile my sister asked her about it. The co-worker/friend was very honest. But she misplaced it or someone tossed it because she said: "I gave that back to you." My sis said "Nooooo? I never got it back?" The woman said "I remember giving it back?" We looked everywhere and yet we knew she had not given it back. She thought she did. But nope.

Remember those necklaces on a stretchy string that had those Sweet-Tart like candies strung on them that you could wear but also of course...EAT!

Ahhhh...those days!

Now the Kiddles! I found a list of them! Lots of lists! Of all the different ones! And this isn't even all the different types they had!

Here comes the Kiddle Count! 🤣

You don't have to read it! I just find it interesting! 🌸

They had Kiddles that came inside a box which when set up was a backdrop of what each Kiddle's "Theme" was.

Lucky Locket Kiddles:

These came in three series:
1967 Gold Lockets
1968 Pastel Lockets
1969 Gold Rush Lockets

Gold Lockets (seven dolls) 1967
3535 Lorna Gold Locket
3535 Lorna Locket
3536 Lola Gold Locket
3536 Lola Locket
3537 Lou Gold Locket
3537 Lou Locket
3538 Liz Gold Locket
3538 Liz Locket
3539 Larky Gold Locket
3539 Larky Locket
3540 Liliac Gold Locket
3540 Lilac Locket
3541 Lois Gold Locket
3541 Lois Locket - the only black doll
Lois is the only doll from this series that is repeated in the Pastel series, too.

Pastel Lockets (seven dolls) 1968
3717 Lorelei Pastel Locket
3717 Lorelei Locket
3718 Laverne Pastel Locket
3718 Laverne Locket
3719 Lottie Pastel Locket
3719 Lottie Locket
3720 Luana Pastel Locket
3720 Luana Locket
3721 Louise Pastel Locket
3721 Louise Locket
3722 Loretta Pastel Locket
3722 Loretta Locket
3723 Lois Pastel Locket
3723 Lois Locket
Pastel green locket, orange jewels & door

Lois 3723 with a Pastel Locket is the same as the Lois Gold Locket, the only one that was repeated in both series.

Gold Rush Lockets (six dolls) 1969
These lockets all had bright gold frames & different jewels from the pastels, but the dolls & the locket back were similar to the same named doll in the Pastel series above.
3677 Lorelei
3678 Laverne
3679 Lottie
3680 Luana
3681 Louise
3682 Loretta

"Lucky" Lockets were reissued in 1976-1978: Same names (six dolls, 2 series) and stock numbers as the 1969 dolls, but the "Kiddle" name is not on the packaging. Dolls are a harder vinyl and not as finely detailed, panties are painted on.
Doll marks are C. Mi on the back of the head, & Mattel Inc. on the back of doll.

Series 1 -3717-3722 have hats, bows and painted on shoes & colored jewels on the lockets. 1976

Series 2 - 1717-1722 no hat, bows or painted on shoes & the jewels are clear. 1977?

Little Kiddles which were Flowers and Hearts Jewelry:

Liddle Kiddles Flower and Heart Jewelry Dolls 1968-1970

The Jewelry Kiddle's are the tiniest of all, a mere 7/8" - 1 1/16" tall, they came in a plastic jeweled case as a
heart or flower; pin-on brooch, ring or chain bracelet.

Each doll was uniquely made with a particular hair color,
costume and jewel case.

"Real Jewelry, Real Dolls" the packaging exclaimed, these could be worn by pinning it on, the ring of course goes on a child's finger or a chain bracelet for their wrist. What could be more delightful for a child to be decorated by their favorite thing "dolls" so now they can change costumes, comb their hair, wear them and take the dolls anywhere.

Vintage First 24 Liddle Kiddles Dolls Identified 1966-1968

3501 Bunson Burnie doll 1966-1967
Bunson Burnie the fireman, is on a 2 1/2" tall stocky body, has brown rooted hair, blue eyes, wearing a yellow vinyl raincoat that closes in front with two brass hooks, tan pants with loop and tiny button closure and black soft "laced" shoes each marked on bottom "Japan". His big red vinyl hat has a paper sticker on the front that reads "Fire Chief' (no markings). He rides in his red fire truck with a round black steering wheel that turns as do the black tires (marked Liddle Kiddles on bumper and "Japan" on underside of bumper), there are two white ladders that hang on plastic hooks on the sides of the truck, and these are often missing from loose dolls, yellow comb and brush. Komic book with Bunsen and Calamity on cover. Doll Marked on head rim: Mattel, Inc. On back; © 1965 Mattel Inc. Japan.

3502 Howard "Biff" Boodle doll 1966
Howard Biff Boodle with wagon, wears a yellow knit tee shirt or a more rare white tee, with red lettering that reads "Call Me Biff", he's also wearing jean type pants, a vinyl baseball cap in red and he is barefoot. He has white pale blonde rooted hair, brown eyes and has the slimmer 3 1/2" tall body. A yellow wagon with red handle and black wheels was his accessory of choice, and a yellow comb and brush. Komic book with Biff and Lola on cover.

The wagon may have color variations, but a pink/orange wagon would be Rolly Twiddle's.

Note: Doll's that were on the market for a shorter length of time will be more scarce and thus command a higher price, and yeah, a bit harder to find.

3503 Liddle Diddle doll 1966-1967
Liddle Diddle baby, has rooted blond hair pulled up into a short ponytail on top of her head, big blue eyes, is 2 1/2" tall slim bodied. She's wearing her pink patterned one piece cotton pajamas, blue accent ties that tie in the back. Her accessories are a pink crib with working sides (they can be slid up or down) and have a bead strung trim hung on each side, a solid pink fabric lace trimmed pillow, blue blanket and the tiny yellow plastic duck and a yellow comb and brush. Komic book with Liddle, Greta and Florence on cover.

3504 Lola Liddle doll 1966-1967
Lola Liddle sailor girl, has long blond hair and big brown eyes, she's on the taller 3 1/2" slim body, she wears her white plastic sailor cap, red sleeveless shirt with big white collar with red trim and two blue appliqués on back and a blue tie, white pants and no shoes. Her accessory is a yellow and red plastic sailboat with flying white plastic sails, a pink comb and brush. Komic book with Lola and Biff on cover. (Yes that must have been a very windy day)

3505 Babe Biddle doll 1966-1967
Babe Biddle with her car, has the stockier 2 1/2" body with dark brown page boy rooted hair style with bangs, and big blue eyes. She's wearing a short blue and checked top one piece dress, with a red long sleeve open jacket with white collar, blue scarf with red ties to keep her hair neat and blue t-strap or laced shoes.

She has her own wheels in a yellow and red plastic convertible sports car with working black wheels and steering wheel a clear front windshield, and a yellow comb and brush. Komic book with Babe and Millie on cover. Vr-ooom, catch her if you can.

3506 Calamity Jiddle doll 1966-1967
Calamity Jiddle cowgirl, has the slim 2 1/2" body, blonde medium length rooted hair in a ponytail with bangs and big blue eyes. She's wearing a red long sleeve bodysuit trimmed on the cuffs, collar with white vinyl and down the front placket with a single gold tone bead closure. Her white vinyl fringed skirt is detachable and has two gold tone beads, soft white vinyl boots (each marked Japan) and a big black cowgirl felt hat with gold braid crown trim and ties. Her trusty steed is a flesh and black colored palomino hollow horse with a red painted saddle (either high back or low back saddle) with red rockers (right side is marked: © 1966 Mattel, Inc. Japan), and a blue comb and blue brush. Comic book with Calamity and Bunson on cover. Doll Marked on head rim; Mattel, Inc. Under Chin: Japan, On back; © 1965 Mattel Inc. Japan.

3507 Florence Niddle doll 1966-1967
Florence Niddle nurse, is on a 2 1/2" stocky body type, has dish water blonde hair medium length, with big blue eyes, wearing a pink sleeveless dress with white ric-rac trim and white vinyl half apron attached, white nurse cap with red braid trim and pink t-strap shoes. She's pushing her baby pram of white and yellow plastic, with a plastic baby in a pink pillow type blanket with white lace trim, and a pink comb and brush. Komic book with Florence, Liddle and Greta on cover.

3508 Greta Griddle doll 1966
Greta Griddle hostess is 3 1/2" tall slim bodied, blonde rooted hair in a top ponytail with long side bangs, and big blue eyes. Wearing a sleeveless blue and white polka dot dress with tulle ruffle trim and an red appliqué, and white t-strap shoes.

Her accessories are a yellow or pink plastic table with two contrasting (if the table is pink, the chairs are yellow and vice versus) plastic chairs with heart cut-outs on chair back, platter with a fork, spoon, plate with attached teapot and two tea cups & saucers (tea service matches the chair color), blue comb and brush. Komic book with Greta, Liddle and Florence on cover.

3509 Liddle Kiddle Millie Middle doll 1966
Millie Middle the sandbox girl is 2 1/2" tall on the slim body, has dark brown long rooted hair in a flip with bangs and big brown eyes. Millie wears a cotton striped sun suit, matching sunhat with ties (is similar to Skipper's 1933 Country Picnic outfit, which did not come with a hat), has a green sandbox with orange and yellow stripe attached awning to protect her from the sun when she plays and a pink plastic pail and shovel and a blue comb and brush, she's of course barefoot. Komic book with Millie and Babe on cover.

3510 Beat a Diddle doll 1966-1967
Sears Exclusive - Beat-A-Diddle rock star, is 3 1/2" tall on the slim body, with long straight blonde hair with bangs, big blue eyes, wearing a two piece floral cotton print crop top and pants, with red t-strap or soft red uncut t-strap shoes. Carrying her accessories of a light brown guitar with yellow painted flowers and strings, a silver tone microphone. (Beat-a-Diddle did not appear on a Komic book cover probably because she was only made for Sears). The Komic book with Freezy, Windy, Rolly and Soapy on the cover. Some variations in Beat-A-Diddle's cotton print outfit have been found with a red background instead of black.

3513 Sizzly Friddle doll 1967
Sizzly Friddle chef, has the 2 1/2" stocky body type, short yellow blonde rooted hair with bangs, big brown eyes. She wears a turquoise and chartreuse polka dot or striped sleeveless dress with matching panties, and a yum-yum with hotdog print apron, a big white chef hat with grosgrain white band and aqua blue t-strap shoes completed her ensemble. Of course a chef needs a grill, and hers is a plastic orange brick look BBQ grill with a black grate, two hotdogs and two hamburgers sizzled away and a silver tone, red handle spatula and fork to turn them just in time to keep from burning, and a comb and brush. Komic book with Sizzly, Trikey and Surfy on the cover.

3514 Windy Fliddle doll 1967
Windy Fliddle pilot, has the smaller 2 1/2" slim body, short light blonde, rooted hair with bangs and big blue eyes. She's wearing a blue vinyl one piece flight suit with a pink striped felt scarf, yellow plastic helmet and blue goggles, a pair of soft white uncut t-strap shoes protected her feet.

Her sopwith camel (ok . . not quite but close) airplane is yellow and red plastic with black wheels and yellow propeller. She had two paper travel brochures; Hawaii and Mexico, to help her find her way, and a comb and brush. Komic book with Windy, Freezy, Rolly and Soapy on the cover.

3515 Trikey Triddle doll 1967
Trikey Triddle has gorgeous red hair in big full pigtails with green ribbon ties, and cute bangs that curl above her big blue eyes, she's on the 2 1/2" slim body, wearing either; a red and white polka dot dress with white vinyl collar or a pink floral with green leaves on a white background dress with white vinyl collar (both tie in back with a green ribbon) and attached panties. She tears up her father's lawn on her blue, pink with white wheeled tricycle that has a seatbelt (seat is marked Liddle Kiddles). Her cotton candy pink balloon of plastic is on a white plastic "string", pink comb and brush and red soft T strap shoes complete her outfit. Her komic book has Trikey, Surfy and Sizzly on the cover.

3516 Freezy Sliddle doll 1967
Freezy Sliddle has the 3 1/2" slim body with brownish red hair in a short pageboy style with bangs, big brown eyes. Her two piece snow suit is of fuzzy turquoise with fake pink fur trim and white braid (jacket has attached mittens), pink footed tights and matching hat with ties. Her feet are nice and warm in soft white plastic boots, she glides down the hill on her blue sled with white runners and a seatbelt and she can pull her sled back up the hill with the white cord on the front. No comb or brush. Her komic book has Freezy, Windy, Rolly and Soapy on the cover.

3517 Surfy Skiddle doll 1967
Surfy Skiddle has long-long blonde hair with bangs and big blue eyes, she wears a pink vinyl two piece swimsuit trimmed with navy blue and blue goggles (not shown) to protect her baby blues from sun and surf and a pink floral terry cloth towel. Her plastic surfboard is yellow and red and has places for her feet to fit onto the top, this is set on her blue and white wave. A pink comb and brush and her komic book has Surfy, Trikey and Sizzly on the cover.

3518 Soapy Siddle doll 1967
Soapy Siddle has long dark brown hair, pulled up into a ponytail, tied with a red ribbon and cascades down the right side of her face in a pipe curl, she has big blue eyes and is on the 3 1/2" slim body. Her red and white stripe robe with white terry cloth collar and matching striped belt and striped slippers with white pompons, should look familiar to Mattel collectors as it's the same material as Ken's beach jacket. Her accessories are a gold plastic claw foot bathtub, gold box of talc powder (empty), a yellow terry washcloth, and a white comb and brush. Her komic book has Soapy, Freezy, Windy and Rolly on the cover.

3519 Rolly Twiddle doll 1967
Rolly Twiddle is the only black doll in the first issued twenty-four Liddle Kiddles, she's wearing her green and white gingham sun suit with a white placket front trimmed with pink cord, three beads and a hot pink bow. Her dark hair is in an up swept do with green ribbon and white flower trim with a pearl center, white t-strap shoes, an orange wagon with pink handle, pink pail and shovel a blue comb and brush. (There maybe color variations in the wagon, as long as it is not yellow with a red handle which is 3502 Biff's). Her komic book has Rolly, Soapy, Freezy and Windy on the cover. HTF and highly valued by the collector.

3548 Beddy-Bye Biddle doll 1967-1968
Sears exclusive 1967 - Beddy-Bye Biddle has long dish water blonde hair with a flip at the ends, and bangs, big blue eyes, a pink hair ribbon, pink nighty (matches the pillow) and flocked pink robe, pink with blue floral bedspread, pink lace trimmed pillow, yellow single bed and a yellow comb and brush, Komic book with Trikey, Surfy, and Sizzly on cover.

3549 Mattel Pretty Priddle doll 1967
Sears Exclusive - MOC - Pretty Priddle stands 3 1/2" tall on the slim body type, has dark brunette hair in an up swept do tied with a blue ribbon, big brown eyes, wearing blue two piece baby doll pajamas top and panties; with white lace trim, white ribbon and white T-strap shoes. Her accessories are a two piece pink plastic vanity with a heart shaped mirror and a pink stool a blue comb and brush set. Her komic book has Pretty, Beddy and Telly on the cover.

3587 Baby Liddle doll 1968
Sears Exclusive - VHTF - Baby Liddle has a blonde tuff of hair, blue eyes, pink two piece sun dress, blue buggy with white wheels a yellow and blue foam piece to fit in bottom of buggy, pink lace trimmed pillow (same material as her dress) and a dark pink comb and brush set, Komic book with Kampy, Lemons, Slipsy and Rolly on cover. (Baby and Beat-A-Diddle do not appear on any of the Komic book covers as they were only available at Sears.)

3751 Telly Viddle doll 1968
Telly Viddle stands 3 1/2" tall on the slim body, dark brown long flip style hair with straight bangs, a blue hair bow and big blue eyes. Wearing a one piece dress with a gathered blue/ white checked skirt trimmed with blue suede like fabric and lace trim and solid blue suede like sleeveless top. Aqua t-strap or dark blue shoes and painted on white socks, and blue hair ribbon. Accessories are a yellow television and a cardboard "empty" box of pretzels. Her komic book has Telly, Beddy and Pretty on the cover.

3752 Lemons Striddle doll 1968
Lemons Striddle has long lemon blonde hair with bangs and a flip at the ends, big brown eyes, she's 3 1/2" tall on the slim body. Wearing a red dress with white hearts, lace trim on sleeves, a yellow apron with an aqua trim is attached, she has red painted socks and white T strap shoes. Her accessories are a bright green "Cool Lemonade" stand with a clear pitcher and two glasses. The original Lemonade Tycoon at 5 cents a glass - that's a bargain! Her komic book has Lemons, Kampy, Slipsy and Rolly on the cover.

3753 Kampy Kiddle doll 1968
Kampy Kiddle has long platinum hair in a single ponytail (some maybe braided) tied with a red cotton ribbon and bangs, big green eyes, freckles and is wearing a yellow ribbed t-top with back button and loop closure, pull on jean pants (no shoes for this kamper). She has a black plastic fry pan, a tan plastic (has been found in real wood) bamboo pole with a bright green fish on a string (same color as Lemons stand), and a red plaid sleeping bag with yellow ties and green felt interior.

Kampy - Pink Sleepingbag Sticker. If you have this MOC then you'll be the only one to have the pink "Kiddle Sleeping Bag" sticker still attached to bag. No comb or brush included. Her komic book has Kampy, Lemons, Slipsy and Rolly on the cover.

3754 Slipsy Sliddle doll 1968
Slipsy Sliddle has long brown hair (several different shades of red to brown) tied with yellow ribbons in pigtails, she's on a 3 1/2" tall slim body and wears a two piece floral blue playsuit with pink ribbon bow and yellow ruffle top, matching blue floral flared pants, white t strap shoes and a comb and brush. She climbs up the ladder of her pink plastic slide accessory and "whoosh" down she goes. Her komic book has Slipsy, Kampy, Lemons and Rolly on the cover.

The Soda Pop Kiddles:

"Liddle Kiddles Kola Dolls 1968-1969"

The Mattel Kola Liddle Kiddle dolls are 2" tall and the bottles are 5" tall.

There are six dolls in this series:

3728 Laffy Lemon
Lemon blonde hair, painted eyes and mouth, dressed in lemon yellow outfit and hat, painted shoes, bottle has yellow base and cap.

3727 Shirley Strawberry
Red rooted short hair with bangs, blue painted eyes, closed smiling mouth, dressed in a red and lime green outfit and hat with strawberry attached. Bottle has a red base and cap.

3729 Greta Grape
Lavender rooted long hair with bangs, purple outfit, hat with attached grapes, painted shoes, purple base and cap.

3730 Olivia Orange
Olivia Orange on left is the normally found doll with curly short orange hair, orange outfit and hat, painted shoes.
Olivia Orange on right is rare as she has a Bubble-cut hair-do.

3731 Kleo Kola
Rusty brown rooted hair in a up-do with bangs, brown painted eyes, closed mouth, brown outfit and gold hair braid tie, brown painted shoes. Brown cola colored base and cap.

3732 Luscious Lime
Lime green rooted long straight hair, blue painted eyes, closed smiling mouth, wears a lime green outfit with lime green and mustard hat with a lime attached, and painted pink shoes. Lime green base and cap.

The Perfume Bottle Kiddles:

Liddle Kiddles Kologne Dolls 1968-197

There are nine Kologne Kiddle dolls in this series - 2" tall, bottle is 4 1/2" tall, they were made from 1968 to 1970.

Liddle Liddle dolls and bottles are marked Mattel Inc. Hong Kong or Taiwan.

3702 Rosebud (1968-1969)
Red hair, clear & pink bottle, hot pink cap & base.

3703 Violet (1968-1970)
Lavender hair, clear & purple bottle, green cap & base.

3704 Honeysuckle (1968-1969)
Yellow hair, clear & yellow bottle, blue cap & base

3705 Sweet pea (1968-1970)
Yellow hair, clear & pink bottle, yellow cap & base.

3706 Lily (1968-1970)
White hair, clear & blue bottle, reddish-pink cap & base.

3707 Apple Blossom (1968-1969)
Green or yellow hair, clear & green bottle, cap & base.

3708 Bluebell (1969-1970)
Blue hair, clear & blue bottle, hot pink cap & base.

3709 Gardenia (1969-1970)
White hair, clear & green bottle, orange cap & base.

3710 Orange Blossom (1969-1970)
Orange hair, clear & yellow bottle, blue cap & base

Liddle Kiddles Kologne Gift Sets:

3708 Sweet Three Boutique 1967:
A) Violet, Sweet Pea & Lily of the Valley Kologne's.
B) Rosebud, Honeysuckle, Apple Blossom Kologne's.

3716 Sweet Three Boutique 1967:
A) Orange Blossom, Lilly of the Valley & Gardenia Kologne's. B) Bluebell, Sweet Pea, Gardenia Kologne's.

*Tyco made a Kologne type doll sold in the 1990's

They had these, too:

Liddle Kiddles Mini Pop-Up Dolls 1968

The Mini Pop-Up dolls are the same as the jewelry Kiddles only packaged differently and are all only 7/8" tall.

Each of the three dolls came in her pop-up book, when opened, up popped a castle, gingerbread house or a beach
scene with a soda cabaña.

These are a bit more rare as they were only produced in 1968,
whereas the Jewelry Kiddles were marketed 1968-1970.

3776 Fairytale Castle with Princess 1968
She has green hair and blue eyes, wears a deep pink flocked dress with gold braid trim. Doll is the same as the 3744 Jewelry, Flower Ring.

3777 Gingerbread House with Gretal 1968
Gretal has blond hair in two long pipe curls, blue eyes, wears an orange vinyl dress trimmed with gold ribbon or glitter, same doll as the 3744 Jewelry, Heart Ring.

3778 Soda Parlor with Kutie 1968
Kutie has hot pink or light pink hair, blue eyes, wears a pink ruffled dress of satin, she is the same doll as the 3747 Jewelry Flower bracelet.

They had Kiddle Holiday Dolls, too.

Liddle Kiddles Dolls 1968-1969

Liddle Kiddles Holiday Dolls 1968-1969 - Holiday Kiddle - five dolls total in the series;

Funny Bunnies (3) are marked Mattel Inc. Hong Kong or Taiwan on their backs, display cards are marked 1967.

All the Holiday dolls have a vinyl face, soft body with a safety pin on back, so doll can be worn or a loop to hang as
an ornament on a Christmas tree;

Luvy Duvvy for Valentine's day
3596 Luvy Duvvy Kiddle 1969
2 1/2" tall, marked Mattel Inc. Hong Kong or Taiwan, card is marked 1968, has safety pin on back.

3532 Funny Bunny Kiddle
3 3/4" tall, came in pink, yellow or blue fuzzy bunny suit.

Santa For Christmas
3595 Santa Kiddle 1969
3" tall, marked Mattel Inc. Hong Hong or Taiwan, card is marked 1968, has a loop to hang on a tree.
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Re: When did your love of jewerly begin?

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My sis and I still have our jewelry boxes from way back then! Mine played: "Fascination" and hers played "Around the World in Eighty Days." Or it might have been the other way around. Hers may have played "Fascination" and mine the other.
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Re: When did your love of jewerly begin?

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CC wrote:
4 months ago
. In about the sixth grade (in the early 60's I believe it was), my now deceased mother began selling Sarah Coventry Jewelry. I can't tell you how many home parties I went to. So I lovingly tease that it's her fault for my love of jewelry. Bangles are my favorite jewelry item.

@cc2020 I discovered Sarah Coventry jewelry in the mid 70s and actually became a sales person. That lasted less than a year, after cycling thru all my friends and their friends! I still have every piece I ever kept for myself. I adored the annual crosses, collectors items. Skip way ahead to about 3 years now that I finally got cable TV and discovered the shopping channels! I sometimes regret this as I have become dangerously addicted! Seems I enjoy buying it more than wearing it!
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Re: When did your love of jewerly begin?

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@Catticus Wow! Clearly you also have a love of retro toys - that's awesome! I wish I had saved all of my Liddle Kiddle jewelry dolls; I only have the two pieces.
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Re: When did your love of jewerly begin?

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When I was very small, don't remember how young, I would go to a general store in town with my dad every week. He would buy me a kiddie cologne doll each time. They were in kind of genie bottle shaped plastic, the back of it, the base and the cap were colored, and the front was clear. The dolls inside each had a different color and scent accordingly. At some point, they had a jar of fake rings on the counter. Dad said I could get what I wanted, I think they were 25 cents each. I dumped them out and went home with 1 of everything. LOL. Later years mom gave me Sarah Coventry and Avon pieces. When I turned 16 she gave me a gold birthstone ring. I bought pieces of real jewelry for myself as an adult through the years, but I caught on fire for it in the years that gold dropped so low and was so affordable, and a certain tv channel would sell the best selection (from Italy, no less), at the best prices no one could beat. It just continued from there. I have always liked "pretty things."
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