Under $10 Friday

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Re: Under $10 Friday

Post by JewelryQueen » 5 months ago


:lol: Maybe they can do a Super Bowl commercial about that :lol:
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Re: Under $10 Friday

Post by RoxiJade » 5 months ago

JewelryQueen wrote:
5 months ago
I've said this before and I'll say it again--It is good that masks are available here, but IMHO having the fact that they are available displayed on the homepage is sufficient. I don't think there needs to be on air presentations at all. MAYBE a 10 minute one every other day. It's like a restaurant using up valuable advertising and marketing telling you water is available. We all need water. We all want water. We are all glad water is available. But we don't go to the restaurant because they have water. And we don't come to a jewelry channel for masks.
On the up side, it helps to keep spending under control! LOL!
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