Saturday (8/8) Coffee ☕☕☕

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Saturday (8/8) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by Gypsy » 5 months ago

Happy Saturday 🤗
3:15 am cst
Let's Never Forget that ;

Happiness keeps us Sweet
Trials keep us Strong
Sorrows keep us Human
Failures keep us Humble
FAITH keeps us Going 💜 🧡 💜

Wishing US all a Splendid Saturday 🤗

My house runs on Friends - Love - Laughter and COFFEE 😊 😊
ARE you ready ! !
Let's see......
My coffee cup ☕
YOUR coffee cup ☕ ✔✔


and let's add some sweet treats today 🍩🍪🍩

(sometimes my posts seem to edit themselves)

was reading up on "LEXOPHILE" one who has a love of words for example:

I changed my IPOD's name to Titanic. It's "syncing" now

Haunted French pancakes give me the "crepes"

A bicycle can't stand alone: it's just "two tired"

A dentist & manicurist married, they fought "tooth & nail" get it ????? Can you think of any ?????

Sweet kittens are around I'm just not seeing them as much. Summer was here just a bit ago but since they aren't hanging with mama Sissy so much they don't stay as long to sleep or play. They are learning how to take care of themselves. Still will keep trying to make friends so I can get hold of them. There was a new adult black cat here this do I know this.....he was wearing a blue collar 😻 apparently word gets around about the buffet here !!!!

And just in case it's not on Jace's fun calendar...It's World Cat Day 😻 😻 how Purrrrfectly Meowvelous !

Seeing the black collared kitty made me smile and Butt Wiggles kicked in 😊 sometimes it's the little things that make us HAPPY 💃💃💃

💞💞(((HUGS))) -GYPSY
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Re: Saturday (8/8) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by HowRevelationary » 5 months ago

Happy Saturday to you, too!

Here goes...From my teenage daughter:

Running on the road when a vehicle pulls up behind you can make you “tired.”

Running behind a car makes you “exhausted.”

All the nice things you do for animals makes me want to give you a feline statue. It will be a “catastrophe.”

Can’t say we didn’t try🤨

Enjoy your day!
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Re: Saturday (8/8) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by anniebelle » 5 months ago

Didn't know there was a world cat day. Sounds great to me! Let's celebrate all our feline friends, both here and gone. My boy Milo is growing up . . . He's learning his name! Doesn't come running, but does look up at me. I think!?!
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Re: Saturday (8/8) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by Jace » 5 months ago

Hi! Good one.... couldn't pass this up...

What did syrup say to waffle? I love you a waffle lot.

What's the difference between a hippo and a Zippo?
One is really heavy and the other a little lighter.

and, of course,

Coffee has a rough time at our gets mugged every single day. ;)

(P.S. Thanks, G, for the recognition).
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Re: Saturday (8/8) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by JewelryQueen » 5 months ago

Washington State Covid19 Update (possibly incorrect)

Confirmed Cases = 63,072..Deaths 1,688

IF these figures are correct there were ZERO deaths today. Oh how I hope this is true!!!! However there were some percentage statistics on the website today that read N/A which could not possibly be true in connection with cases so I will with hold judgement until another day.
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Re: Saturday (8/8) Coffee ☕☕☕

Post by Margui » 5 months ago

Great Saturday Coffee post, Gypsy.
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