What made YOU a ShopLC regular customer?

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What made YOU a ShopLC regular customer?

Post by Ena » 4 months ago

As an avid home shopping network buyer I knew about SLC a long time ago but every time I tried to watch it I was turned off by the "used salesman" tactics of the hosts. It was just too much.

After a while, I got SO bored by watching other major networks. The same inventory, the same brands, the same styles, the hosts that act like "celebrities" know it all, and on top of it the prices just skyrocketed. A basic t-shirt for $60? Nah...

So I turned to SLC. I don't know what was it, maybe it had to do with the pandemic, being stuck at home, depressing news, etc. but I started to enjoy this network. The funny, outgoing personalities for most of the hosts just cheered me up. Not every host is like this, some of them are over the top even now and I have to mute them or switch the channel but for the most part, I enjoy watching them.

Of course, I'm aware of the silly selling tactics that are used during presentations. The ridiculous Start Price which is often triple of what the real retail value of the item is, the shocked faces of the hosts when a "$500" item is 'suddenly reduced to $9.99 (especially on under $10 Friday! :lol: I just ignore those and see if I like the item and the price.

Also I perfectly realize that some of what is sold at SLC, let's just say, not good quality merchandise. But at the prices they are sold I'm happily buying some little thing that might cheer me up. Blingy pens, anyone? :lol:

SLC became my new obsession. :lol: I'm keeping it on a background and checking what else is offered during the day. I didn't do it with any shopping network for a long time. And so far I'm really enjoying it. :D

So this is my story :D What made YOU start watching SLC and become a regular customer of this network?
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Re: What made YOU a ShopLC regular customer?

Post by Harlequin » 4 months ago

Use to watch SLC back in the day. Got burnt out and was working to much. Picked it back up a year ago, when we moved to the country calledbye. Got bored. Use to living in city 50 + years. So here I am. Don’t really buy much About anymore. I save 💵 this way. I love helping my Grandson, will be 16 in a little over a year, will need a 🚘.
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Re: What made YOU a ShopLC regular customer?

Post by Gem Lover » 4 months ago

I shopped mostly here for about two years when they had the coupons, that is what kept me coming back but now that they no longer provide them I do much less shopping, often I get get a better deal someplace else in the higher end items at other places and they have 5 or 6 budget pays on everything which sometimes helps me decide which one to shop with. I also do not like that they do not seem very honest about what you are buying at times with items like the Rubies. The J network is pretty straight forward when it comes to treatments. By the way when it comes to treatments Fissure Filled is NOT the same as Flux Healed. Flux healed is permanent and requires no special treatment of the item where Fissure Filled is not permanent and you have to be careful how you clean it ect... Also Flux Healed is an acceptable practice where Fissure Fillled is not. Flux Healed also will hold it's value where Fissure Filled are not worth much money. Fissure Filled uses glass to fill the cracks in the stone where as Flux Healed is heated to a high temperature and the stone heals itself and is NOT filled with glass. I kept asking the host here what was the difference between the two treatments when they would be airing Rubies but they would never answer the question so I did some research on it and found a very good article that explains exactly how each treatment is done. I also noticed on the J channel if you look at their treatment guide under Ruby it has special care instructions for Fissure Filled but under the Flux Healed ruby it says no special treatment required, that is because they are NOT glass filled. The J station sells both glass filled and Flux Healed Ruby but at least you know what your getting up front. The reason I looked into these treatments to begin with was I had noticed while shopping at the J network that some if the Rubies I was interested in under the description said glass filled but some said Flux Healed so it got me thinking they must be different so that is when I did some homework on the subject. I was upset to find out when I took my Burmese Ruby that I purchased here to the jewelers was glass filled after the host said it was natural and when I called customer service to complain they confirmed it was glass filled Burmese Ruby so I no longer buy them here. It is one thing if they tell you it is Fissure Filled (glass filled) but when I am told it is natural and it is not then you lose my trust in you. I will continue to buy lifestyle items or cheaper items but as for the more expensive I will not buy without a really good deal or coupon.
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Re: What made YOU a ShopLC regular customer?

Post by Jace » 4 months ago

I guess it's good for many ..there's Shoplc and others...for times like this.
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Re: What made YOU a ShopLC regular customer?

Post by Margui » 4 months ago

When I started shopping back in 2007, it was their prices and good quality jewelry. that convince me to became a regular customer. Back then even 14kt gold pieces were really affordable. The jewelry was presented better in those velvety black boxes. Nowadays they still have pretty pieces but the quality has go down. They are selling cheap brass or silvertone, goldtone pieces. Budget pay is a great help for me. They bring more gemstone variety. Too focus on Shungite or Tanzanite. I want to see a John Saul Ruby show. This ruby is heated only and not fissure filled.
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Re: What made YOU a ShopLC regular customer?

Post by Sea_Hag » 4 months ago

I'm an avid jewelry shopper, but local jewelers are expensive so finding a site like Shop LC (and others) was great because as wholesalers, they offer fantastic pricing, a huge selection and the more rare or unknown gemstones and so I became a regular customer. Recently, I've grown to have mixed feelings about Shop LC with the biggest reasons being no more coupons and the lack of transparency in exactly how their gemstones are treated. They do have a list of gemstone treatments, but that information is not available in each item's description so you can't be sure about what exactly you're paying for. Their Iliana and Rhapsody lines are beautiful, but crazy expensive and that's why the coupons are important. I've purchased a few items in those lines, but always had a coupon to apply. These days, I can't touch anything Iliana or Rhapsody. Also, I won't buy any rubies from Shop LC because most of them are fissure-filled which greatly decreases the value making the gemstone almost worthless. They're allowed to call them natural, because they are; they're just filled with glass and lately they've actually been admitting this on air. These days, I tend to stick with the semi-precious gemstones that require little or no treatment or buy metal-only items. Their competitors are more expensive, but offer more in the way of full disclosure on gemstone treatments. A little honesty goes a long way.
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Re: What made YOU a ShopLC regular customer?

Post by Rolltide » 4 months ago

When I started with them, it was the low prices and big selection.
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Re: What made YOU a ShopLC regular customer?

Post by Gus » 4 months ago

I have been a internet shopper for over ten years. I have watched all the shopping networks over the years, however I was always reluctant to purchase jewelry from the internet or TV for that matter. Then I found myself recovering form an illness that left me bed ridden for months. Flipping through the channels one late night I discovered Shop LC. I live in Phoenix Arizona and Shop LC is only shown at midnight on a Spanish network. So started watching when I could not fall to sleep. To my surprise I learned that Shop LC had a auction site.
Auctions I understand.
I have sold and bought on Ebay for many years and learned education will save you many a heartbreak. I decided to give them a try because I had started collecting gem stone stretch bracelets on a whim and learned you don't have to break the bank for a nice bracelet.
There were coupons and specials that lured me in and to my surprise I won a wonderful garnet and silver bracelet for pennies.
Then I found the Bali jewelry collection that is very expensive on other networks, could be had for prices that was unbelievable on Shop LC's auction site.
That began it all for me.
Men's jewelry in small sizes kept me coming back. And now it's gold jewelry in styles and finishes that I would have never considered, because else where the cost was prohibitive. I now shop both the regular and auction websites. Having a customer service department that is open 24/7 and representatives you can speak with is what makes me a regular Shop LC customer.
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Re: What made YOU a ShopLC regular customer?

Post by Vicky » 4 months ago

As many others, it was the great values, and applying coupons that allowed me to get great buys. Even a couple Rhapsody and iliana pieces. Since management changed, most affordable items were replaced with exorbitant prices for tanzanite. With Shungite thrown in. The biggest issue is staying on each expensive item for up to an hour, so if you are not interested in a item, you have to wait 1 hour to see the next item. My friends and I just switch channels. The J channel shows different items every few minutes, like shoplc used to do under Kevin.
Shoplc was unique. Affordable. Great buys. Great coupons. Those days are gone. Now they are trying to compete with high end jewelry channels, but asking for even higher prices. The difference is that at those channels, the item they show is what you receive. At shoplc you see a sample which in my experience is way better then what I received. I guess the best one is displayed. As I experienced with Golden south sea pearl strands. The sample was up to 15mm. Mine was 13mm. Sample was round. Mine was off round. Sample was a golden color. Mine was yellow. Same with welo opal. Sample was much nicer.
So, I mainly refuse to buy without coupons.
I think we are all hoping that shoplc will realize that the old way is more profitable and return to the shoplc we all loved.
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