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@Harlequin Yes 3 cats, 2 parrots(Sun Conures) I use to have 3 dogs but I lost two 3 yrs. ago so now I have one, two ducks and I take care of numerous wild ducks and Canadian geese. This year the game warden asked to use my yard to tag them because they are always here. I am an animal lover. I buy 300 lbs of cracked corn a week to feed the ducks and geese and I continue do do so in the winter because the injured ones can not fly south so I care for them so they do not starve. Some of them have been here a few years and eat out of my hand.
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Re: Anyone

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Gem Lover wrote:
1 month ago
Hi everyone it was like this Friday too, there was only one other post I saw and was wondering if there was an issue with the forum. Milo is just being a normal kitty. I have had cats all my life and that is how they play, some more ruff then others. One of my cats is 11 yrs. old and still feisty, she bites and claws when she plays, it is a challenge making my bed, she likes to attack every time I make the bed. My Maine Coon cat will bite my toes if I ignore him and every time I go into use the bathroom he tries to bite my toes, he is 10 yrs. old. My cat Lilly has a whole different personality, she is also 11 yrs. old but has never bit or scratched me, if she wants attention she will get near my face and stroke it with her paw like she is patting me but with claws in. People laugh when they see her doing this, who would think a cat would be patting their human. :lol:
Gem Lover:
Re: coon cat biting toes and such, have you had him taken to a vet lately or check his litter closely? He could be giving you a message that there's something wrong. They do that. But because of his age, Ide take him to a vet. Even if there's a "litter" problem that can be solved over the counter. . Just a suggestion. Pets communicate in some strange ways sometimes. Hope it helps. Good luck
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