Ruby/diamond ring

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Ruby/diamond ring

Post by CJM » 7 months ago

I finally decided to watch the ruby show. There was a timer running that expired. Craig is still showing it anyway. $2500 ring. Are they going to keep going for an hour? Last night Tenner looked like he was doing a magic show with a diamond ring. The set was dark. All you could see was his hand and the ring. I turned it off. I’ve never seen this done on other shopping networks. It really looked dumb.
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Re: Ruby/diamond ring

Post by Harlequin » 7 months ago

Now he’s doing a Bobby Dazzler, see how long it is 🤣
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Re: Ruby/diamond ring

Post by Gemsnob » 7 months ago

SLC prides themselves on happy employees even at the expense of happy customers. They try to be different than other networks even if that means throwing common sense out the window. Apparently it's fun for hosts to be inappropriate and obnoxious and LOUD! According to Craig, SLC is the fastest growing shopping network In the country. What they need to remember is the higher they rise, the harder they fall. I read other shopping forums. I can tell you that SLC is a laughing stock. They no longer have great deals and their quality is lacking. They have a lot of employees but fail to train them and teach them to have pride in a job well done. Instead, they tolerate poor behavior and performance because they don't want to do the right thing a kick people to the curb if they don't want to work for a paycheck. They will continue to grow until people decide their money spends elsewhere .
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Re: Ruby/diamond ring

Post by Vicky » 7 months ago

Well - my post is missing.
Hmm 🤔maybe because I was critical in a nice way.
I am frustrated that the prices have become exorbitant.
That each item is shown for about an hour. The clock countdown is a joke.
The hosts are all showing comps that have the final price whited out. All they show is the original price, with a huge empty space below, where the sale price was whited out. That means that you are hiding the fact that your price is not much lower. You dont have to resort to this. Just be competitive again.
Go back to what worked for so long. What attracted all of us.
This game playing with claiming the final price is determined by how many customers call in, is childish. No one believes it.
You were UNIQUE - you still can be. Get rid of what is not working. Stop trying to compete with the hi end programs. You are not in their league.
Your aggressive selling techniques might work to get some to
order, but they will return it, if they were just talked into it.
I used to think of shoplc as my second family. I miss my second family.

Stay safe ❤️Vicky
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Re: Ruby/diamond ring

Post by Sea_Hag » 7 months ago

@Vicky Amen to that; I, too, miss what made SLC different from all of the other home/jewelry shopping networks. I don't want another clone of what's already out there. I LIKED that they were different; it was always a "go-to" site for me. Not so much anymore.
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