Did any one buy

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Re: Did any one buy

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anniebelle wrote:
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Harlequin wrote:
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RS:... did you make blue cheese, stuffed hamburgers? I f so yummy 🙂
I DID! Except they weren’t stuffed with blue cheese...I ground the meat and then mixed in crumbled blue cheese with the meat, pressed the patties and viola!
Hubby smoked them on the Traeger....the were yummy😛

SIL texted me to ask what I was doing and I sent him a picture of a couple of steps in the process. He said “Awhhhh man......when’s dinner?” 😆
I used to make them with cheddar and bacon!
I’m actually making them that way next time! This batch made quite a few and I sealed all but two of them with my Foodsaver and froze them.
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