Uncomfortable to watch

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Uncomfortable to watch

Post by buyitall » 1 month ago

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the tension between Chuck and “Shelley” when they are on air? Just watched an awkward moment and then more awkward silence. I don’t think Chuck knows how to respond to her and sometimes comes across as rude to her. I really wish they would NOT have him work with her on air. It is uncomfortable to watch and is distracting from products they are selling!
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Re: Uncomfortable to watch

Post by kaylee3 » 1 month ago

I agree. Michelle is original in her own way. I really enjoy watching her and she's very informative. I'm also getting so tired of Chuck interrupting whatever host is on with him. He'll ask the host a question and while their answering he interrupts. This isn't the Chuck show. During tonight's show he interrupted Adi when he was explaining. That is so rude. I'm not trying to be mean but it's getting annoying.
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Re: Uncomfortable to watch

Post by Denny98 » 1 month ago

I don't like chuck as a host. Lately he's been talking about how long he has been in the business - longer than anybody else at ShopLC. Well, throughout the years he certainly hasn't learned to be respectful or courteous of his co-hosts. He was even trying to interrupt Andy from the UK the other night, but it kind of backfired with the broadcast delay. It was actually nice to hear his co-host talk more than him.

The thing is, I don't think Chuck will ever change. In his mind IT is the Chuck show.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Re: Uncomfortable to watch

Post by honey » 1 month ago

SLC takes seemingly nice people to be hosts and thennnnnn,
turns them into the ........'Stepford Wives'
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Re: Uncomfortable to watch

Post by Kat125 » 1 month ago

Michelle needs to host alone
Eventho I like her in the last few days I saw her be a bit abrasive or challenging to 4 other hosts...Its just not good business for hosts to have such negative energy between them
We all could see it and almost feel it... not good
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