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Sissy2 wrote:
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I just realized I didn't address the allergy part of your post. I am not allergic to wool so I called a friend of mine who is. She said it depends on if the lanolin in the wool is the problem. She is allergic to lanolin and cannot wear any lotions or potions with that in it. She cannot wear any kind of wool even cashmere. Her brother however cannot wear most wool because of the coarseness of the fibers. He can wear Merino, Cashmere and Alpaca because the fibers are finer. So I guess my answer is I don't know.
Tell your friend hello! It occurred to me being told that wet wool is the culprit (a nasal allergy). But years ago I had a gorgeous wool sweater that I gave away because I couldn't bear the itch!!!
Maybe I should reconsider???
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Re: Cashmere Scarf

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I am pretty sure I don't know how you would know my friend Susan but OK. How expensive is this scarf? Cashmere is usually worth a pretty penny. If it is not too much you might give it a try to see if you can wear it but it is totally up to you.
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