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Post by Salinasman » 9 months ago

So do not really know where this is going or if anyone will ever read this, but just want to say thank you ShopLC. I have been a customer for awhile, cannot really order too much because of limited income (retired) but have got some good deals.....Also, I have been ill lately, not that it really matters because it has been a hard year and tough times for so many, but while I am laying in bed at home, I turn on ShopLC on the tv because well, the hosts are friendly, funny, know their stuff and take my mind off of things........get tired of all the drama in the world lately. Can't we just all love one another......... :D Anyway God bless each and everyone associated with your channel and if I ever win the lottery, I will buy something big there..............take care and thank you.........
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Post by Jacee » 9 months ago

Hello! Salinasman
Welcome to the forum
Post whenever you want..there is a lot of compassion here
You and so many " are in the same boat"
Take care of yourself and feel better.!
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Post by Sarasota » 9 months ago

God bless YOU.. for reaching out with your kindness!!
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Gem Lover
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Post by Gem Lover » 9 months ago

@Salinasman Hi and welcome, yes it has been a very hard time but know that there are many good people here at the forum when you need to talk, we vent, we laugh and most important we lift each other up when we are down, I hope you feel better soon.
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Post by RoseyRuby » 9 months ago

I agree Salinasman. I 've purchased quite a few nice things and outright bargains, from this channel in the few short months I've been watching. A few disappointments, here and there, but for the most part I've been very pleased. I really like the hosts on this channel. Much more so, than the other channels. No phoniness, pretentiousness or fake swooning and gasping. I enjoy watching their camaraderie with each other and downright goofiness, at times. It's a nice distraction from all of the stress in my life. (I awoke this a.m. to discover that all of the power steering fluid had leaked out of my ancient car onto the street--BACK TO THE MECHANIC!).
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