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Re: Alicia

Post by anniebelle » 1 year ago

AD wrote:
1 year ago
If I remember correctly Sean called the manikin Angelique???? Not sure 😊
I think you're right!
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Re: Alicia

Post by William » 1 year ago

Yes --- It was Angelique and she was a little off kilter and Sean used to always say that she was out late and liked to hit the sauce---

They also used to joke that it was so difficult for her to model earrings !

For a very short time she had a "little sister" -- a second mannequin ---I can not remember the name they gave her--that was a short time
but Angelique was around for a LONG time--

those were the days of One host who would showcase the jewelry-- give stone size and carat weight -- fully show the piece

it was Nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been around a Long time --- Anyone remember

Leigh Anne Brown --- Jean Marie--- Michelle Stoffel--- Roxanne Wilson--- Jon Newton--- Of Course Sarah C--- I remember President Gerald Tempton and OF COURSE President Kevin Lyons- a lot has changed --- I guess that is the name of the game???

Hope Everyone is Well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Alicia

Post by AD » 1 year ago

Sean can be so funny. I love him as a host!!😊. I don’t remember the little sister. 🙂
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