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Re: Swarovski

Post by Teachergirl » 1 year ago

They all lie with impunity
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Re: Swarovski and general overbidding

Post by ElleTee » 1 year ago

I recently came back to Shop LC after a few years away from it. I have been shocked at the outrageous amounts that people are bidding, including the Swarovski items. People are paying more for Swarovski than for genuine gemstones. The webstore sells Karis earrings with some Swarovski crystals for around $6.99 and these foolish people are bidding $50, $60 for Karis. Not even sterling silver.

I just came across this forum and I see that many people agree that the Online Auctions are just not fun anymore due to the excessive over bidding.
I watch the bidding and I think to myself what the heck is wrong with these people???
Handbags that are sold by SLC at inexpensive prices are going for crazy prices on the auctions.
SLC sells the Vicki Tiel fragrance called Bonaparte for about $29.99 and I saw one person bid $82.00 for it !

At least it's good to see that SLC is aware of this problem. These over bidders are ruining the site for the rest of us.
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Re: Swarovski

Post by Amy » 1 year ago

I agree something just doesn’t make sense with this “story” about removing the gems that they claim are already paid for. By removing the gem does the setting get scratched, bent or ruined? So then you have a zillion empty settings! My brain can’t process this. It makes no sense! 🙄🙄🙄
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Re: Swarovski

Post by Sissy2 » 1 year ago

Again I may be wrong about this. I asked sister and she says their contract to use the Swarovski name to sell the zirconia and/or crystals may expire at some point in time. So they will most likely be selling Swarovski after that date but calling it grade AAA zirconia or something like that. It's the name they can't use to advertise or promote. It is like some clothing retailers who will not allow their name to be used if the price point is below what they deem acceptable. The idea that they would pop the stones out and return them is ludicrous in my opinion.
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