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Catticus wrote:
1 year ago
Not only does RS paint beautifully, she also has beautiful parrots! Hawkins is quite a character! Her parrots each have their own large, warm and spacious place in the garage, but it’s actually much more like a cove! RS is extremely talented!!!!!!! Hmmm. She paints glassware items and other items, and also has many other talents! There’s just too many talents to list!

Happy Belated Birthday, Paladin!

Hope everyone is doing well. My mother fell a few months ago and broke her shoulder and at 95 that’s not too good.

She also has double scoliosis and is now bent at a 90 degree angle. Parts of her spine in the upper section where it’s curved are poking through the skin.

My father made foam “bandages” with a hole cut out and tapes it over those sections so that when she leans back against her pillows, there is no pressure on those sections. If the bones break through the skin they won’t ever heal because she has Type II diabetes.

The lower disks in her spine are slowly being crushed by the weight of the upper spine and because she has DDD: Degenerative disc disease.

We have to walk her to the porta potty but often she needs the real one because it’s larger and more comfortable.

They met in junior high and began dating in their senior year. He was sent to Germany his senior year to fight in The Battle of the Bulge. They married when he returned. They have only dated each other.

I’m “okay”, but it’s still absolutely terrifying to me. I have “hung out” with my parents all my life.

This is very difficult, and can be exasperating because my mother is not the easiest “patient” in the world and my father is not the most patient man in the world. It’s wearing him out.

My “Twis” (Get it? Twin + Sis? Hardy Har Har!) has been coming weekends and is a Godsend.

My mother had a few heart attacks a couple years ago and two stents placed in her heart. She cannot walk now. We can slowly lead her to the bathroom but that’s it. It completely wears her out.

We are taking it one day at a time, trying not to worry about the future. We are trusting Christ to do what I call a “Romans 8:28er!”
Working all things together for good. (Romans 8:28.)

As my father said, “The Lord has taken care of me for 95 years. I don’t expect He will stop now.”

I have left a whole lot out, because it’s such a long story with more health issues involved, and financial problems too.

We’re doing okay, it’s just that an assisted living home is not possible. And the nursing homes near her doctors are death traps.

We could really use prayers.

Thank you! I miss you all SO much! 🥺

Oh my goodness how I have MISSED YOU❣️❣️❣️

Leave it to you dear Catticus to run to my rescue. And I didn’t even put out the CAT signal!😜

My dear FIDS place of preference is actually the entryway. It used to be the middle of the great room but H-bird decided she must be in the entry and of course Giac goes where she goes!
That other place..,MY haven🌺🌺🌺🌺

I am sorry to see your mother going through so much. You and your Sis are true angels taking care of them the way you do.

Of course you have my thoughts, prayers and love to you and your family!

Gotta dash…going to get paint!

Hey…come back more often❣️❣️❣️❣️

4 x