Shop LC host Aidee

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Shop LC host Aidee

Post by ladyles » 1 year ago

One time, while I was watching the program, I remember hearing that Aidee said he needed to lose some weight.
For some much later episodes of Shop LC, that I had been watching.......I saw Aidee co-hosting and he looked
like he had lost some weight. Good for you, Aidee!! You go buddy. Keep up the good work on your health and
with your job as a host. :)
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Re: Shop LC host Aidee

Post by RoseyRuby » 1 year ago

I always enjoy watching him. He's such a funny, likeable guy.
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Re: Shop LC host Aidee

Post by MaeWest1953 » 1 year ago

I have always enjoyed watching him....he's a character
He is handsome and a genuine nice guy unlike one of the newer host
My last comments about a certain new host were removed so I can't mention a name 😆

Adi is like a kid in a candy shop who gets excited at all the great things to look at
I have never heard him talk about his weight but I bet he was funny while he was....
So glad you both like him⚘
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Re: Shop LC host Aidee

Post by Jt » 1 year ago

Adi's quite contagious and uplifting, and level headed. No wonder he is manager sales.

Sunday's child for those of you today?

Have a Great Blessed Day!!!!!!

I got most all my 2021 garden planted now. I am so very blessed.

Happy Birthday Israel Jewish Nation May 14th. 73 years
I am on alert for the terror there...
My husband is concerned too.

And we are Christian soldiers baptized raised Catholic. I was groomed till I was in 8th grade.
Husband, not too take a chance, Mom took the 4 kids out in the sixties.

Respecting All life anyway is most important for us.
Not so much the labels.
God sees knows how much I am medically labeled since I was 16, 1973...Another unspoken untold story...

Enjoy your weather today?

We intend to visit the family cemetery in mid MO. A place our generous 1st cousin of my husbands provided to this family.
Beautiful place with life size angels at the entrance.
John named it * the Last Call when it was legally placed.

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