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To topic " Did you know" re: carbon footprint...where members posted
their concerns on medical history

Hope below may be of "some help" someeone...

Protect Your Medical Privacy

Do you have a medical condition that you don't want anyone to know about?
Whether it's heart disease, high blood pressure, depression or anything " more personal",
your medical records can end up in the wrong hands, which cause you embarrassment.

The insurance industry wants your information.
How can you protect yourself?
Here are a few tips you can take to protect yourself...

1. Limit the amount of information you give out.
2. Do not sign the customary blanket waiver at the doctor's office.
3. Be careful when filling out questionnaires at your doctor's office.
4. Don't use public health screenings unless you know the results are kept confidential.
5. Make sure you get a copy of your file before it is sent to any third party.

Don't know if any of the above is do-able..since it was mentioned that
Your medical history " is in the cloud"..💨💨

But was it HIPPA?
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