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Post by Hollie » 1 year ago

Sissy2 wrote:
1 year ago
"Jewelry Queen" has requested that I pass on the news that "RS" will no longer be able to join us here because she has been permanently banned. I know they are close and communicate by email fairly regularly. I don't know "RS" that well but will miss her input. She seemed very pleasant. She also had insightful and useful comments, suggestions, and reviews. I do not know all the details. Until more is shared with me I will be unable to answer any questions. A sad day and a loss for this forum.
Hi Sissy! Hi JQ! Its the weekend so I know you two are together and cooking. 🙂
So, why in the world was RS banned? I might be quiet lately but I do read here.
I saw nothing that was "bad".
If it wasn't sad I'd be laughing. Nothing like treating one of your better customers like caacaa.
RS and Paladin spend a S-ton of money here at slc. And they're treated....ummmm, not so good.
Things have sure changed since Kevin left. He wouldn't put up with any of this.

Anyways, I hope you two have a good relaxing weekend.
I'm seeing a 4 wheeler ride and search for morel mushrooms in my weekend. 🍄🍄🍄
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Re: Sad News

Post by RoseyRuby » 1 year ago

I've been on here less than a year, but I always looked forward to reading RS's posts. I have purchased at least 3 different perfumes, based on her recommendations and am very pleased that I did. I honestly don't recall anything she ever said, that would warrant a lifetime ban! :roll:
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Re: Sad News

Post by Druid » 1 year ago

This is worse than Inquisition. The JQ and RS posts were always interesting and displayed knowledge in gems and jewelry. They also gave truthful information about the Shoplc way of dealing with customers.I have never remarked anything inappropriate to justify a ban from the forum. This company should respect the freedom of speech and the customers opinions instead of acting like the Big brother and looking over the forum members shoulders.I have some deliveries coming and I am done doing business with them.
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Re: Sad News

Post by Lulu » 1 year ago

Dang, it looks like I'll never get to see RS' review of her trillion cut turkish diopside. :(
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