New Host Michele Mahone & Screaming Cheryl

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Re: New Host Michele Mahone & Screaming Cheryl

Post by RS » 1 year ago

Vicky wrote:
1 year ago
I also watch and shop other shopping channels and never hear any host yelling. Shoplc had 3 yellers, but 2 realized its not helping sales and toned it down alot. ANKUR is still loud but much better. So is ADI. Much improved. I now enjoy watching them can adult should be able to control themselves, or they should seek pharmacological help.
I just want to quickly mention how annoying it is for their final price being DRAWN OUT to extreme lengths in the last couple months. After FOREVER on the same item, and claiming the price is their final price, they suddenly get a CALL from the President. This is just a stunt and will backfire, because viewers wont order because they are waiting for the final price, but it takes sooooo long, they switch channels, so SLC loses the sale.

Should seek pharmacological help????

Did you really just post that about a host?

I simply cannot believe the things being said here!!!!!!!

That is just not right to say about ANYONE regardless whether you THINK it or not!!!!
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Re: New Host Michele Mahone & Screaming Cheryl

Post by Gypsy » 1 year ago

The host bashing on this forum has definitely reached a new low.......
This needs to stop
Having issues with orders and shipments and related complaints is one thing but some are taking it to extremes...this is not what was intended
Shame on you
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Re: New Host Michele Mahone & Screaming Cheryl

Post by Moderator_Stephanie » 1 year ago

Due to the hostile posts that are being made towards our hosts, this thread will be locked to further comments. Any additional topics opened to continue the unkind comments towards our hosts will be deleted.

Per the community guidelines:

Be respectful and courteous to others, even if you disagree with them. Do not use language or post content that is unkind or in poor taste or engage in personal attacks.

We do appreciate feedback, however there is a line between providing feedback and making baseless accusations against a host. As we broadcast nationally to a wide audience, and our hosts all have different personalities, there will ALWAYS be some people who love watching a particular host and some people who don't like to watch that same host. There is absolutely no way we could have hosts that universally appeal to EVERY SINGLE person watching.
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