Good Sunday morning all

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Good Sunday morning all

Post by Ramen » 4 weeks ago

Good morning ☕️ Hi Gypsy how is the new kitty 🐱? Hope your doing well 😊. Ramen
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Re: Good Sunday morning all

Post by Gypsy » 4 weeks ago

Good Morning !! 👋 How are you this morning ! I hope all is well with you. Did I read that you are going to be a grandma again 💞💞💞 Congratulations !!! I'll bet you, your daughter and her family are super excited 🥰🥰


It's all good here.
I've been really busy around the house and getting errands done.
I've done a little bit of shopping.....compression socks and a new black leather handbag that was really inexpensive and has lots of pockets. And there is usually a pretty Tigers eye piece that catches my eye.

The last TD , skirted the coast and missed me, we only got a nice little rain. It's still hot and humid ,no cool temperatures in sight for awhile.

The kitten Gem, aka GOOFY, is fine. He has two speeds - 120 mph or he's asleep 😂😂
He doesn't realize it, but he will be getting snip-snipped in October 🙀

He was busy stealing my pens, pencils and papers I had on the table this morning. But he finally played himself to sleep !! I love kittens 😊💞

My other kitties are all good too, playful and well. And they are tolerant of Gems surprise attacks 😻

I'll be around today
Hope you have a great day !!!
No words of wisdom but ....


Gypsy 💞💞
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