Michelle you were wrong

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Michelle you were wrong

Post by Maryjayne » 3 months ago

10/05/21 Early AM show (before 7am) Michelle and Becky were the hosts. Michelle was in charge of pricing. When presenting gold chain #8963751 , Michelle had the price in the 450.00 dollar range and announced if 25 callers called in she would drop the price to 325.00. Eventually her goal was met and she then says "I misspoke " and had got numbers mixed up and she sets price to 399.00 instead. Then she proceeds to urging 75 more callers to call in promising a other price drop but not saying how much. Eventually another 75 callers called in and she dropped the price another 20.00 to 379.00. Usually when a mistake is made, Shoplc hosts honor it. And after making the mistake and not honoring it, then coaxing a other 75 callers in with a price drop of only 20.00 says to me that Michelle (and probably Shop LC as well) is trying to get over on their customers. And why Becky did not say anything I dont know. What I think should happen is that ShopLC should credit all who bought this gold chain to reflect the purchase price of 325.00 like she said originally. I think her changing price like that shows total disregard for the customer. I was looking forward to buying at the price she promised and when she did not deliver , I could not and did not want to on the heels of such dishonest business practices. Once you lose customer"s trust it is hard to get it back
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Re: Michelle you were wrong

Post by Lisapisa » 3 months ago

The hosts do honor the price when they “pretend” they went too low and misspoke. When they actually make a mistake, they do not. They prices are set and I Hate the condescending games they play. It’s ridiculous.
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