Beat that!

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Re: Beat that!

Post by Gypsy » 6 months ago

lynnette wrote:
6 months ago
Hi!! Gypsy 😊 did the four I’m go down for a while. Or was it stuck for a few months?? Thanks for replying. Is milo, and dulcimer Hawkins 🦜 and everyone still here?? ( FOURUM ).
Hi Lynnette,

Yes, the forum was down for several months. It happened when SLC did their software updates. Then it sorta came can see there is information missing from the main page of the forum and members are "learning" how to make new threads and find posts.
Sorry, but from what I have been told, Dulcimer is unable to post(banned) I don't know about anniebelle. I haven't posted here in a long time.
But, Honey and Gemi (gemhound), both read your post here and send (((hugs))) for you and Raymond 😻 hope he heals up and it works out with your neighbor 💞💞

-Gypsy 💃
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Re: Beat that!

Post by MaeWest1953 » 6 months ago

Hi Lynnette......

I just read your post and it made me so sad that Raymond was shot and injured by that crazy neighbor of yours 😡😪
Thank God he is healing and that person was arrested
A prayer was just said for both of you 🙏🙏
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Re: Beat that!

Post by lynnette » 6 months ago

Thank you 😊 MaeWest1953. The cat is getting better. The Vet thought at first his leg would have to be amputated 😳. The person that shot him was arrested class ( felony). State of TN. It has cost a pretty penny but, worth it. Our State awards damage’s up to four K. Plus vet bills, have to forfeit firearms, register animal cruelty abuser, lose her animals and there’s more. 2 years ago she shot at a FBI’s dog 😳😳😳 the dog was on his property. Have a good day everyone 😊
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