Steve's Last Live Show

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Post by MaeWest1953 » 4 months ago

Tothemoon wrote:
4 months ago
MaeWest, Annika made comments about not feeling appreciated at work and about micro management so I feel that maybe her departure was abrupt and maybe not so amicable. I think she is now doing pharmaceutical sales and says she is happy with it. As for Becky, I think, like Caribbeangirl, that it was her only son. He seemed like a great guy. I’ve lost 2 brothers and my father to cancer in the past few years and I see how heavy their deaths weigh on my mom. I hope all find peace and comfort and know that they are surrounded by love.
I am going to start by saying that your mom and you have sadly endured some horrible losses 😪
What you say about love is perfect!
Becky is a strong woman and I admire her for coming back to work

As for Annika it sounds like things were not going well....a quick departure is not the behavior of an employee who was content and happy with their job😯
When you say micro managing it brings to mind that quite a few good hosts have left since the arrival of Mr. R (not his real last name)

It's just my opinion but I know I couldn't work around him and watch how management has fallen all over themselves to make him happy
Maybe she could think about returning.....heck look how we all thought it was curtains for Deanna
3 x