Nailing jello to a tree

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Nailing jello to a tree

Post by TN » 2 years ago

A typical visit to this website by me, a stupid fool, goes like this:

Me: “How are my auctions doing? I’ll check the watchlist!”

(Watchlist not showing bids.)

SHOPLC: we’ve known about this problem for months and frankly we can’t figure it out so we gave up. And we have no incentive to fix it because you, a stupid fool, keep giving us money!

Me, irritatedly: “grr. Might as well check order tracking while I’m logged in.”

(Order tracking not available.)

SHOPLC: are you cray? What makes you think order tracking is working properly? GET OUTTA HERE

Me, a stupid fool, lathers, rinses, repeats.
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Re: Nailing jello to a tree

Post by Addy » 2 years ago

:lol: :D
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Re: Nailing jello to a tree

Post by Lulu » 2 years ago

That's me! Thinking their website will actually honor one of their own website coupon codes. Silly rabbit. :lol:
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Re: Nailing jello to a tree

Post by HappiKalli » 1 year ago

Thank you TN for the laughs I really needed it!!!! I feel the same way but not with the auctions but just with the regular online purchases. I feel like shoplc is an abusing spouse! First they woo you then they abuse you!
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Re: Nailing jello to a tree

Post by buyitall » 1 year ago

Since they so-called updated the website back before Christmas, I have had major issues on the auction site. I rarely am ever able to access my watch list! For a couple of weeks about a month ago it worked. Well, that didn’t last! I contacted Amit via Facebook; did quite a few live chats; called….EVERYONE told me the same two things….delete cookies and they were relaying info to their IT team. I’ve deleted cookies over and over again….still does not work! I have a fairly new Apple iPad and even took it in to see if something was wrong with it. There wasn’t! Whatever is wrong is happening on ShopLC’s end! This is now the middle of April and I have had this problem a little over FIVE months now!!! I shop on all the other shopping channels as well as yahoo, eBay, Amazon, and others. ShopLC is the ONLY website I have problems with! Yet, nothing is ever done to fix their problems! Obvious to me they are NOT interested in spreading joy! It’s all about the money! I wish there was some way to warn new customers just what they are in for. Does anyone know if their sister channels in other countries have issues too????????
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Re: Nailing jello to a tree

Post by FarmMom » 1 year ago

So, the company is based out of India . . . India is a huge metropolis of tech hungry people seeking jobs.

years ago I worked for an Indian lady, and she ran a smallish business. She loved telling everyone how much cheaper it was to hire tech teams from India than the US. However, his first company website never fully worked and was quite 'basic", and when she went to launch a second company, one with HEAVY emphasis on online ordering, she of course used her India team.

I was the most website coding savvy of her US group, so it was my job to troubleshoot the new website. IT WAS AWFUL . . . NO common sense on ANYTHING. It was like they had never USED a website before. I also became very adept at spotting hacker and virus coding (luckily to my knowledge ShopLC has none of the virus stuff).

To make a long story short, I spent well over 6 months trying to explain how to fix things on the website. They never WERE able to get everything fixed (especially the hacker code) and as a result that company fully tanked and her main company suffered a HUGE loss as well.

Shop LC's website reminds me too much of that fiasco. It WILL be the death of them. If you cannot click "order" then a sale is missed . .
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Re: Nailing jello to a tree

Post by Tothemoon » 1 year ago

Several years ago I left a lucrative job at a large investment firm because they decided to start with my department with developing a new, supposedly less expensive, system using an India based tech consulting service. I’m no computer programmer nor computer expert by any means, but the programs I had to review were written like a programming class I had to take in high school in the late 70s or very early 80s. After about a year of basically working double shifts every day because I had to work late into the night reviewing the new system before it was implemented, I had to leave that job for my own well being since every problem I brought up, and there were many, was answered with “you have to follow the rules”.
Needless to say a few years after quitting one of the guys I formerly worked with got a job with me and told me the system never worked out so the investment firm retained its own IT Department and wasted a lot of money trying to get a new system.
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