Shop LC going out of business?

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Re: Shop LC going out of business?

Post by Kay5220 » 2 years ago

I think the bigger question is ..... are the items even real? They offer no certificate of authenticities, and with the amount of certain items like Tanzanite and chains....real? Not sure. Everyone needs to be aware that the State of Texas requires these types of business to make good on what they sell or you can file a complaint. I recently bought an emerald ring, took to a jeweler because I dont trust what ShopLC sells and they were real however, the center stone wasnt set correctly...and this isnt the first time. Shotty workmanship, shotty designs, shotty website, shotty employees, shotty company point blank. I do order from time to time but I am super careful and because of the trust that ShopLC has lost in me I shop other jewelry networks who have ZERO problems like this. Can you even get a good camera man to show the jewelry or items instead of showing the host the whole sale? Too many issues for my valuable time I must say! :roll: If you can't run a business appropriately GET OUT of the business! I also have a sneaky hunch that when ShopLC changed it's name a bunch show hosts put money into the company as an was going good at first but it's now fallen flat on it's face.

About what another customer posted here, a lot of places will get someones merchandies to sell for them and make a profit but its not the selling companies merchandise, they are in essence - thinking something will make big money to make a cut off it - instead of buying the merchandise they just air it and sell what they can and what is not sold goes back to the merchant. It's common.
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