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Post by buyitall » 6 months ago

WHAT in the world did ShopLC do when they so-called updated their website? I can tell you…they made things worse. I can’t access my watchlist on the auction site…again! Every time responds to my complaint they say the same thing….delete cookies, etc. I’ve done that over and over again. I do not have a smart phone or computer. I use my Apple iPad. I had very few website problems before they “updated”.Recently I finally took my fairly new Apple iPad into the Apple store. I explained what was happening in reference to my problems with ShopLCs website. Long story short….it is NOT my iPad. ShopLCs website is the ONLY site I have problems with…and I shop a lot online! As soon as the few items I’m bidding on are over….I am done with auctions! Then, today I was watching live online and decided to purchase an item. Every time I clicked on fast buy it would ask if I wanted the item put in my cart. It did this twice. Finally, on the third try fast buy worked. I decided to go to my orders page. It seems that on one of the times I was trying to use fast buy it had placed an order….and then cancelled it. It did place the order I wanted however. While I looking at my order pages I decided to keep looking. The other week they sold these beautiful handblown glass and wood decorative pieces. On my order page there were FIVE of each one listed that I had ordered. I only ordered ONE of each!!! Looks like I was only charged for one of each….but why are five of each listed on my order page??? Now, I feel the need to check my banking statement to be sure….wouldn’t you??? Does anyone there know how to run a website? If so, where are they? Problems not only continue…but get worse….all the while more problems arise. I received an email today with a survey about ShopLC. It asked for a rating…so I gave the number and then it asked me to explain my rating. I typed in my explanation and about half way through it dropped it and said I would have to start my survey again. Isn’t that funny??? Even their surveys don’t work. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and frustrating….
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Re: Problems…problems…problems!

Post by Dolores » 6 months ago

Always check you bank account this is the only online shopping site that I have a problem with.
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Re: Problems…problems…problems!

Post by DiamondGoddess » 6 months ago

I had problems this AM accessing my BudgetPay orders.

Finally did and paid the oldest one off, yay!

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Re: Problems…problems…problems!

Post by Jt » 6 months ago

I have duplicate order and items issues!!!
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Re: Problems…problems…problems!

Post by vic » 6 months ago

i totally agree shoplc has gone downhill. the website has major issues. i ordered bras and lolo said (on air)they could be returned if to small. when they arrived they had no tags attached and i knew i would never be able to return them, what a setup that was. this also happened when i ordered frogtogg boots. i ordered a size larger than i normally wear so i could wear warm socks, but they were to small and i was not able to get a larger size or return them, money wasted!!! beware when you purchase sized items because they are not always what they say. no joy shoplc!!!!!!!!
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Re: Problems…problems…problems!

Post by BostonIrish » 5 months ago

Hi everyone. I have 50 items in my cart I did not put there. I have been trying for a month to have deleted still no luck how does this happen?
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Re: Problems…problems…problems!

Post by MaeWest1953 » 5 months ago

BostonIrish wrote:
5 months ago
Hi everyone. I have 50 items in my cart I did not put there. I have been trying for a month to have deleted still no luck how does this happen?
Yikes BostonIrish......
That is scary!!
Not to mention being a hassle dealing with it
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Re: Problems…problems…problems!

Post by HappiKalli » 5 months ago

Wow. Thanks to everyone that has posted about the issues with the website and I might add the shoplc app too. I was beginning to feel like I was the only one with issues with the website or app.I have been a customer since 2018 and for the most part I always loved the items I bought. If I had an issue or needed to return an item the old shoplc would quickly resolve it. The new shoplc is a HOT MESS and they don’t seem to care. I too have had multiple items of the same item on my history list. I have only purchased one item but it shows up several times as having purchased multiples. I always check my credit card statement and it appears like they only charge me for the one item.
The other day I was thinking of placing an order online which is the only way I place orders so I put the items in my cart, the items where priced $9.99 on the website then apparently the very same items I wanted where shown on air and Poof! my items went up in price in my cart! The items went from $9.99 to $14.99. How is this bait and switch possible? The items I wanted were not offered with free shipping either so that is not the reason for the price change. I did not make the purchase. I think this is unethical.
It saddens me to see this happen to a company that in the past truly sold great products at wonderful prices. I understand we’re living in difficult times and everything changes but for the love of Pete doesn’t shoplc care about their company or their customers anymore? Also, am I the only one that is so sick and tired of the never ending presentations of gold chains. Beautiful gold chains at really good prices too, but really how many chains can a person buy these days with the price of average consumer goods at an all time high. If I purchase one of their gold chains chances are pretty high I wouldn’t be buying another one anytime soon so why only show gold chains. Now the new shoplc only presents high end products. I like high end products too and sometimes I buy expensive items but, I loved the old shoplc that offered products at different price points.
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Re: Problems…problems…problems!

Post by Lacy » 5 months ago

Topic: Budget pay

Has anyone else had this issue.

On air it says 5 budget pays, you try to order online. It is now 3 or 4 budget pays.

Then I changed my mind.

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Re: Problems…problems…problems!

Post by Chicago » 5 months ago

I've quite often experienced that when they say "free shipping" on t.v., I don't get the free shipping if I purchase. They just have so many problems overall in almost every aspect of their company. I never have problems with any of the other shopping channels and I've been shopping with many of them for years and years.

It does seem that alot of their problems came about when they did the massive update on their website a few months ago. I never really had any problems using it until after that update. Now it's problem after problem and you have to police all your purchases, returns, etc. to make sure they are done correctly.

I recently reported some things going on with their auction site which I felt were weird. Their response was that I have to screenshop everything and then send those to them. Instead, they should be doing their own supervising of their own auction site. I shouldn't have to do their work for them!
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